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Current Fuel Price in Nigeria Today

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The current price of petrol in Nigeria today ranges from N577 to N700 per litre. Prices may vary depending on the location from which you purchase. For instance, some parts of Imo state and Anambra sell petrol for prices ranging from N670 per litre to N700, while some northern states sell petrol at a fixed price of N700 per litre at the time of this report.

The pump price of Premium Motor Spirit, popularly called petrol, was raised from N537/litre to N617/litre at some filling stations operated by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited in Abuja on Tuesday.

Types of Fuel in Nigeria

Every engine uses a type of fuel specific to its design. Here is a list of petroleum products refined in Nigeria:

  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Major fuel products in Nigeria are Petrol and Diesel because of their massive consumption in the country. Hence, these two resources generate most of the Nigerian government’s revenue. 

filling station
filling station
StatePrice (N)
Abia687.50 Per Litre
Abuja632.12 Per Litre
Adamawa671.40 Per Litre
Akwa Ibom677.00 Per Litre
Anambra680.00 Per Litre
Bauchi650.00 Per Litre
Bayelsa673.00 Per Litre
Benue632.84 Per Litre
Borno657.27 Per Litre
Cross River663.33 Per Litre
Delta665.63 Per Litre
Ebonyi638.71 Per Litre
Edo662.00 Per Litre
Ekiti651.33 Per Litre
Enugu673.87 Per Litre
Gombe703.00 Per Litre
Imo687.00 Per Litre
Jigawa679.67 Per Litre
Kaduna670.00 Per Litre
Kano678.27 Per Litre
Katsina680.40 Per Litre
Kebbi796.67 Per Litre
Kogi626.79 Per Litre
Kwara614.90 Per Litre
Lagos663.05 Per Litre
Nassarawa629.32 Per Litre
Niger624.04 Per Litre
Ogun653.11 Per Litre
Ondo653.02 Per Litre
Osun658.77 Per Litre
Oyo662.53 Per Litre
Plateau670.00 Per Litre
Rivers674.55 Per Litre
Sokoto664.80 Per Litre
Taraba704.11 Per Litre
Yobe675.55 Per Litre
Zamfara771.43 Per Litre

Petrol Quality in Nigeria

For a long period of time, NNPC had a supply of low-grade petrol in the country while the rest of the world was using finer quality fuel in their automobiles. Even the most undeveloped countries had better quality fuel supplies than Nigeria.

Fuels For Petrol Engines

Premium Motor Spirit, also known as petrol or gasoline, is used to power internal combustion engines mostly in vehicles and generators. Generated from crude distillation, our PMS consists of organic compounds and additives that enhance engine performance.

  • Is compatible with all fuel vehicles.
  • Is a superior-quality fuel thanks to the additives included in its composition.

The product benefits

  • Ensures the long-term cleanliness of the engine’s fuel supply system.
  • Allows for easier and faster filling thanks to its anti-foaming additive.
  • Helps to prevent rust and corrosion.

Fuels For Diesel Engines

Automotive Gas oil, also known as Diesel, is generated from the crude distillation process and is used to efficiently power internal combustion diesel engines.

Diesel conforms to the following specifications from the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR):

Features/Specifications :

  • Specific gravity (@ 60/60°F)
  • Distillation 
  • 1. FBP (OC) 10% 
  • 2. Recovery (@35°C%wt)
  • Diesel index
  • Flash point (of)
  • Total sulphur (%wt)
  • Copper corrosion (3hr @ 100°C) .
  • Kinematic viscosity (@1 OO°Fcst)
  • Cloud point (oF)
  • Carbon residue (Conradson on 10% residue) %wt
  • Strong acid number (mg. KOH/g)
  • Tobal acid number (mg. KOH/g)
  • Ash content (%wt)
  • Water by distillation (%Vol.)
  • Water by extraction (%wt)

Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA)

The Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA)  established in 2003,  is a governmental organization tasked with the responsibility to attain a strong, vibrant downstream sub-sector of the petroleum industry, where refining, supply, and distribution of petroleum products are self-financing and self-sustaining.

PPPRA’s major functions are :

  • To determine the pricing policy of petroleum products;
  • To regulate the supply and distribution of petroleum products;
  • To create an information databank through liaison with all relevant agencies to facilitate the making of informed and realistic decisions on pricing policies;
  • To oversee the implementation of the relevant recommendations and programs of the Federal Government as contained in the Report of the Special Committee on the review of the Petroleum Products Supply and Distribution;
  • To moderate volatility in petroleum products prices, while ensuring reasonable returns to operators.
    To establish parameters and codes of conduct for all operators in the downstream petroleum sector.

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