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5 million naira or Less SUV For Sale in Nigeria

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A Sport Utility Vehicle popularly known as an SUV  is a highly demanded type of car that car drivers like to buy because of its infamous ruggedness built for the roads, and also because it is designed for persons who have large families.

While most SUVs give the feeling of a high-rise driving position because of how they are designed, which is totally different from how low driving a normal saloon car feels, which gives the drivers of SUV’s a feeling of superiority when driving on the road. But these features are far from what makes them even very popular amongst drivers.

What generally distinguishes SUVs from regular saloon cars is their price. And because they differ in size, strength, roadworthiness, engine type, and mileage, when compared to a normal saloon car, an SUV is then priced higher than a saloon car, like a Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Jetta, Honda Accord, etc.

SUVs are generally high in demand in the automobile market, and because they are fast-selling the demand and supply for used cars continue to be on the rise. In Nigeria, there are different grades of cars to choose from when considering buying a car. The type of car does not matter, as there is always a type and grade that fits into any budget.

As a result of the high demand for SUV cars in the Nigerian automobile market, we have decided to compile a list of the top seven cheapest SUV cars to buy for N5 million or less. So, if you are planning to become the owner of an SUV soon, stick around and get acquainted with the best cheapest SUV cars to buy for N5 million or less. 

Honda Pilot

2021 Honda Pilot Review
2021 Honda Pilot Review

The first on this list is the Honda Pilot. Since the creation of this model of the Honda car, each model created has been designed specifically to look rugged and suit roads that are rough in nature. Most Nigerian roads need rugged-looking cars like the Honda Pilot to reduce the pressure of feeling bumps and road holes when driving. Honda Pilot, introduced into the automobile market in 2002, is the largest SUV brand from Honda. A tokunbo Honda Pilot 2002 goes for N1.7 million.

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Toyota Rav4

2019 Toyota Rav4 In Nigeria Prices, Reviews, Interior, Model
2019 Toyota Rav4 In Nigeria Prices, Reviews, Interior, Model

The second on this list is the Toyota Rav4. A Toyota Rav4 in Nigeria is mostly popular with young men who are either bachelors or are just starting life as married men. It has an inbuilt seat space that can sit up to 5 persons, which offers a four-cylinder engine, and it is a best-selling car because of this in Nigeria. This car is a highly demanded SUV car in the Nigerian market, as it is not too expensive, as a Tokunbo model can be priced for as low as N3 million, while the cheapest Nigerian used model goes for as low as N1.5 Million. Check out the cheapest Toyota Rav4 for sale in Nigeria

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota Prado Landcruiser
Toyota Land cruiser:

The third best cheapest SUV car to buy for N5 million or less is the Toyota Landcruiser. In 2019, the total sales of the Toyota Landcruiser peaked at 10 million units worldwide. This SUV brand of the Toyota Car is also popular for its ruggedness, body design, longevity, durability, strong firebrand engines, and it is designed for hardcore duty uses. The cheapest model of this car in Nigeria goes for N3.5 million. Best Affordable Toyota Landcruiser For Sale in Nigeria

Toyota 4Runner

2021 Toyota 4Runner SUV
2021 Toyota 4Runner SUV

The fourth on this list is the Toyota 4Runner. This brand best known for its hardcore looking design, 7-seater feature, front-rear design, and off road capabilities, is a highly demanded SUV in Nigeria. This brand of car is also best suited for Nigerian roads, which usually needs a strong-looking car like the 4runner to give a smooth ride. The Toyota 4runner has a rugged looking exterior and therefore suits the taste of the average Nigerian for this reason alone. The cheapest foreign used brand goes for as low as N2 Million, while a Nigerian used 1998 model goes for as low as N790, 000. Buy Cheap Toyota 4Runner in Nigeria

Acura MDX

Acura MDX
Acura MDX

The fifth on this list is the Acura MDX. It is an affordable SUV brand in Nigeria that is largely affordable to the average class Nigerian. It is a sought-after brand because of its sleek design, high-rise driver seat section, comfortable in-built seats that can take up to five persons, high road safety rating, and low fuel consumption rating. The lowest version of this car goes for as low as N1.8 million to N2.5 million.

Honda CR-V

2020 honda cr-v
2020 Honda CR-V

The sixth SUV car on this list is the Honda CR-V. This is a mid-range utility vehicle with the design of an SUV. CR-V means Comfortable Runabout Vehicle. It is a 5-door SUV that has a front-engine, front-wheel drive, front engine, and many more attractive features. A used version of this car costs up to N3.5 million in the Nigerian automobile market. Buy Cheap Honda CR-V in Nigeria and Pay Small Small

Nissan Xterra

Nissan Xterra 2002
Nissan Xterra

The seventh SUV car on this list is the Nissan Xterra. This brand of Nissan is generally designed to give comfort and elegance to its users. Quite a lot of Nigerians like to buy this car brand because of its high-impact-looking design, but on the other hand, a lot of people are concerned about the way this car gulps fuel. Although it is cheap to maintain and highly affordable, the fuel consumption level can be a deterrent. The 2002 model of this car is priced for as low as N900, 000, while a more recent tokunbo model can be bought for about N3.5 million.

We have come to the end of this list. Permit me to point out that no car on this list costs up to N5, 000, 000 in price. This means that these cars are super affordable, reliable, and accessible. To get a good bargain on a cheap SUV for N5 million or less visit Carmart ng

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