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7 Things You Need To Know About The 1.2billion Naira 2022 Ferrari SF90 Wizkid Just Purchased

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Yesterday Afrobeats musician, Ayo Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid reportedly spent over 1.2 billion naira on a brand-new 2022 Ferrari SF90.

Nigerian music superstar Wizkid is at it again as he gets himself a Christmas gift that only very few can afford Videos of the singer taking delivery of his tear rubber N1.2 billion 2022 Ferrari SF90 have set social media on fire Just weeks before Big Wiz acquired the car, popular luxury lifestyle influencer Ola of Lagos did a review of the car, noting that there are only five of the cars on the African continent.

This is coming a few after the CEO of Polanco Exotic Cars, a luxury vehicle dealer in Nigeria known as The Razz Guy, recently revealed that he shipped a 2022 Ferrari SF90 to Lagos. According to him, clearing the car at the port cost almost N200 million in customs duties. The estimated value of the car is N1.2 billion naira, and upon taking delivery of the car, the exotic car dealer test-drove it around.

Quick Specs for the 2022 Ferrari SF90

2022 Ferrari SF90
2022 Ferrari SF90

• 986 HP Powertrain: V8 engine with three electric motors.
• Rapid Performance: 0-60 mph in under 2.5 seconds; top speed over 211 mph.
• Electric & Hybrid Modes: Electric-only for short distances; multiple driving modes.
• All-Wheel Drive: Front-wheel electric motors for AWD capability.
• Active Aerodynamics: Enhances downforce for improved performance.
• Carbon Fiber Build: Lightweight construction for agility.
• High-tech interior: Infotainment, digital display, driver-assistance features.

7 Things You Need To Know About The 2022 Ferrari SF90

  • It’s Ferrari’s fastest-accelerating car ever

The claims are 100kph in 2.5sec and 200kph in 6.7sec. The latter figure is 1.5sec ahead of the F8 Tributo and in the same league as the Koenigsegg One:1 and the McLaren Senna. The top speed is a less remarkable 341kph. As Bugatti proved with the Veyron, 1,000hp can take you higher, but one of the things about the SF90 is that over 210kph, the electric motors that drive the front wheels can spin no faster and are switched off. From that point on, you have to make do with 780hp. Oh, and it’s a second faster around Fiorano than the LaFerrari.

  • You can make it 100kg lighter

As standard, the SF90 has a 1,670kg dry weight. The Assetto Fiorano pack I mentioned earlier saves 30kg from that. If you then tick all the lightweight options, such as the carbon wheels, you can bring the weight down by a further 70kg. And apparently, there’s a level of extra personalization beyond that, where you can elect to have extraneous items such as the door pockets removed. Needless to say, shedding weight from the car also means shedding weight from your wallet.

  • The Driving

As I said, this is now my favourite sport or supercar. On the road, it not only tracks the truest through corners, powers off the line and away from apexes with every one of those 1000 cavallinos but does it with absolutely no brutality. After a day behind the wheel, you will not need any ibuprofen at all. Unlike some manufacturers, even the SF90 with the Fiorano Package manages to be comfortable while handling better than just about anything out there without sponsorship logos on it. The feel of the titanium springs is progressive, with small-frequency bumps being eaten up before the rest of the springs firmly resist and absorb the larger whoops.

  • The Interior

On the steering wheel, the biggest news is the capacitive touchpad and “a series of haptic buttons that allow the driver to control virtually every aspect of the car using just their thumbs.” The problem is you often find yourself triggering functions you didn’t intend to, but such is the price of progress. Two twist switches, called manettinos, control vehicle dynamics modes and power management modes.

The power modes are eDrive, which is all-electric; hybrid, the default setting that uses all available sources of propulsion; performance, which keeps the gas engine going and the battery charged; and qualify, which “prioritizes performance over battery charging.”

  • The twin turbo 4.0-liter V8 alone develops nearly 800hp

Early criticism was levelled at the SF90 because the aluminium chassis and the twin-turbo V8 mimic the F8 Tributo’s. In reality, very little is shared. Take the engine: It uses the same basic block, but pretty much everything—turbos, inlet and exhaust manifolds, the entire radically different cylinder head, crankshaft, pistons—is new. It’s direct injection. That’s a first for a Ferrari V8. It’s a wider bore. It’s 25kg lighter than the F8 engine, and mounted 50mm lower in the chassis, dropping the center of gravity by 15mm. The exhaust is made from Inconel, like in a Formula 1 car.

Alone it develops 769hp and 799Nm. The F8 motor is already the world’s most responsive turbo engine. Imagine what this is going to be like. Ferrari did admit the lessons it has learned from this development will be used elsewhere in the future.

  • It’s friendly to drive

According to development driver Raffaele de Simone, it’s an easy car to drive: “It’s less physically demanding than the 488 Pista, more usable, but still has slight oversteer characteristics with the power on”. Of course, it does. That’s because 800 of the 1,000 horses are sent to the back axle, Rafa.

  • Ferrari says the SF90 Stradale sports a completely redesigned eight-speed, oil-bath, dual-clutch transmission

Aft of the V8 and rear electric motor is an all-new eight-speed DCT transmission that completes the powertrain perfectly. New gear ratios and improved efficiency reduce fuel consumption by 8% on the overly optimistic European WLTP cycle.

Like the V8, the DCT uses a dry sump and a significantly more compact clutch assembly with a 20% smaller exterior diameter than the current gearbox, which has shaved 15 mm off the installed height in the car, which, in turn, lowers the centre of gravity of the running gear by the same amount. Despite the addition of an eighth gear and a maximum torque boost to 900 Nm (the latter an increase of 20% on the current seven-speed), the gearbox’s overall weight is 7 kg lower. That figure rises to 10 kg with the elimination of the reverse gear now incorporated in the function of the front electric motors.

The new clutch’s performance is 35% higher, transmitting up to 885 lb-ft in dynamic torque in gear shifts. Thanks to new-generation actuation hydraulics, total clutch fill times have been cut to 200 ms compared to the 488 Pista’s 300 ms. Just pull back on the paddle shifters and you are cracking through gears just for the fun of listening to the V8 engine roar and burble.

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