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A Peak Inside World’s Only 2023 BRABUS 700 Rolls Royce GHOST Worth Over ₦400 million

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The car you’re looking at is a fully customized Brabus Rolls-Royce ghost, and there’s only one of it in the world. 

Brabus revamped the exterior and completely overhauled this vehicle’s interior and engine. You can never see anything like it anywhere.

As a result of the engine revamp, the Ultra-luxurious Rolls-Royce Ghost now releases 700 horsepower.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Made By Brabus
Rolls-Royce Ghost Made By Brabus

One of the first things you’ll notice with this vehicle is the beautiful black diamond paint on the exterior.

Another thing you’ll realize is the carbon fibre detailing because the Rolls Royce Ghost has been given exquisite finishes from the front to the rear.

Trunk of Rolls-Royce Ghost Made By Brabus
The trunk of Rolls-Royce Ghost Made By Brabus

The front has a carbon fibre front splitter and carbon fibre framing around the grille.

Around the rear, it has a carbon fibre spoiler and a rear diffuser. The exhaust pipes have also been finished in titanium-carbon fibre. And, to even think of it, Rolls-Royce cars have one of the most luxurious trunks in the world.

Not only is the cargo space huge, but it’s also covered in white leather, which makes it even more beautiful but prone to dirt.

Interior Of The Rolls-Royce Ghost By Brabus

Interior Of The Rolls-Royce Ghost By Brabus

Just like the trunk space is beautifully decorated with white leather, the interior cabin is covered in white leather. 

Just like Rolls-Royce knows its users like to be driven around, they paid a lot of attention to the car’s back seat.

There’s a carbon fibre table behind the two front seats so the backseat passengers can pop out. There’s also a screen that sits above it.

In the centre console, the backseat passengers have full control over the infotainment centre. Behind that, there’s an iconic Rolls-Royce fridge with champagne flutes.

Interior Of The Rolls-Royce Ghost By Brabus
Interior Of The Rolls-Royce Ghost By Brabus

More upgrades occur in the front with a huge carbon fibre panel that sweeps from one side of the dashboard to the other.

Underneath, theres a classic Rolls-Royce clock with a Brabus Masterpiece badge that lets guests know precisely what they have the privilege of riding in. They notice it on the front seats even if they don’t notice it.

The Engine & Performance Of The Rolls-Royce Ghost By Brabus

This Rolls-Royce Ghost now has a 12-cylinder engine that produces a total of 700 horsepower, propelling the car from 0-100km/h in only 4.6 seconds.

Price Of The Rolls-Royce Ghost By Brabus

The selling price of this one-of-a-kind vehicle has been fixed at €650,000, which is approximately ₦400 million.

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