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Again, Nigeria Police emphasises why you must get Your e-CMR document for your vehicle, to avoid police harassment, Here is how to apply

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It is now mandatory for every car owner in Nigeria to possess the e-CMR document, which is an information system designed to enhance the safety and security of Nigerians. The e-CMR provides several benefits, including security, tracking, and a database.

The Central Motor Registry (CMR) was established over 60 years ago as a crucial tool for maintaining data about motor vehicles. However, with the evolution of car crimes in the internet age, a more comprehensive and sophisticated strategy is necessary.

According to Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer, the CMR is valid, and all motorists must have it. He noted that the “e” was added to e-CMR so that people can easily apply for it from the comfort of their homes. Applying for it is straightforward, and any Nigerian vehicle owner who uses Nigerian roads must have it.

Steps to apply for the CMR Motor Vehicle Information Certificate using the e-CMR portal  

Central Motor Registry Information System (CMRIS) For Your Vehicle In Nigeria
Central Motor Registry Information System (CMRIS) For Your Vehicle In Nigeria

First and foremost, enrollment of vehicles in the e-CMR portal can only be possible by using an internet-enabled device, such as a personal computer smartphone.  

Individuals and corporate bodies should adhere to the following 12 steps to apply for the CMR Motor Vehicle Information Certificate  

Step 1:  

Step 2:  

  • Click on Get Started  

Step 3: Create Profile (if Profile has been created earlier, go to step 8) 

  • (a) Profile type – Personal or Organisation  
  • (b) Identification – NIN for Personal, TIN for Organisation  
  • (c) Enter your identification number  
  • (d) Click Verify  

Step 4:  

  • If identity is verified, click Continue  

Step 5: Confirm email and phone number  

  • If Email is no longer valid, select No and enter a valid email  
  • If the Phone Number is not current, select No and enter a current phone number  
  • Click Confirm to receive a token through the current phone number and valid email address  

Step 6:  

  • Enter the token and click Confirm Token, if confirmed, click Continue to proceed  

Step 7: Personal Information Page (Review uploaded NIN/TIN information)  

  • Select the Current State of Residence and Current LGA of Residence  
  • Confirm if your NIN/TIN address is the same as your current address. If No, enter your Current Residential Address  
  • If you selected a wrong response, click on Change Selection to select the right response  
  • Create and confirm your password  
  • Click Next to proceed  

Step 8: Apply for CMR Motor Vehicle Information Certificate  

  • Log in using the following access credentials created during the Profile creation process; Username (Email or Phone Number), and Password (created in the fourth bullet point of Step 7) 
  • Click Login  

Step 9: Choose CMR Request  

  • (a) CMR Request – Select a Request  
  • (b) CMR Sub-Request – Select Sub-Request  
  • (c) Select Number of Requests: (i) Single – for one motor vehicle (ii) Fleet – for more than one motor vehicle in application  

Step 10: Vehicle Details  

  • Select Vehicle Category and Plate Number Type  
  • Enter Vehicle Details – (i) State Licensing Officer (where the vehicle was registered/licensed)            (ii) State Requesting Form (where the applicant is requesting CMR service)  

Step 11: Request Confirmation (carefully review information for accuracy and genuineness in this stage) 

  • Click Proceed to view the invoice and make payment  

Step 12: User Profile Features  

  • (a) Requests – View Request(s), Sold Vehicles, Print Certificate, etc.  
  • (b) Profile – Update/Edit Password, Email, Phone  
  • (c) Logout – Exit Portal  

Advantages and benefits of enrolling your vehicle with the e-CMR  

According to the Nigeria Police Force, there are several advantages and benefits for citizens enrolling their vehicles in the e-CMR.  

One of those advantages is that a digitalized CMR enhances the security of vehicles in the sense that the Police can make use of accurate and real-time vehicle information provided during registration to prevent and swiftly resolve vehicular crimes.  

Secondly, the e-CMR equips the Police better to enforce laws related to motor vehicles, such as registration and licensing.  

Furthermore, the comprehensive database of the e-CMR portal will serve as a deterrent to potential criminals who might use vehicles for illegal activities. The knowledge that the Police have access to accurate information can discourage criminal behaviour. 

The digitalized CMR will also help to expedite investigations, particularly in cases of accidents or disputes involving motor vehicles, thereby providing quick resolution and reducing inconvenience for citizens.