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Ashmusy “Amarachi Amusi” Biography, Net Worth, Cars She owns

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Amarachi Amusi, who is better known as Ashmusy on Social media, especially on Instagram, is a Nigerian actress, content creator, and model well known for her work in acting and bringing hair products to more people across Africa and inspiring those with her entrepreneurial journey.

Ashmusy - Amarachi Amusi
Ashmusy – Amarachi Amusi
Full Name:Amarachi Amusi
Date of Birth:July 25, 1995
Place of Birth:Enugu
State of Origin:Enugu State
Occupation:Actress, Model, & Comedian
Net Worth:$130,000

Amarachi Amusi was born in Enugu State, Nigeria, on July 25, 1995, She was born in the east and is a proud native of Obeagu Awkunanaw in Enugu, but grew up in Lagos State. She completed her secondary education at Federal Government College in Enugu State after attending Good Learning School in Gbagada, Lagos State.

She then continued to Madonna University, where she earned her degree in 2016, then completed her NYSC in 2018.

Amarachi Amusi was said to be the first daughter born to her parents, Amarachi’s mom and dad have always been extremely supportive of her career as a startup entrepreneur.

Ashmusy upbringing

She grew up with her family, a family of four daughters, in her words Ashmusy said “We didn’t have much. We weren’t rich. My mum did her best for us to feed and grow up like children of rich parents. We went to good schools and it was all my mum’s hustle. She sold everything, she hawked – she did it all. It was like a struggle. We grew up with the mindset of rich children due to the efforts of my mother“.

Ashmusy “Amarachi Amusi” Career

Ashmusy - Amarachi Amusi  Career
Ashmusy – Amarachi Amusi Career

Ashmusy in 2018 after her NYSC went fully into skit making because she was trying to be in Nollywood all along. However, she noticed some things that she didn’t like and wasn’t comfortable with in Nollywood, which made her decide to go into content creation. It’s all about showing her acting skills and talent because her main purpose was to showcase her acting talent for which she has passion and energy.

It was about my acting career, it wasn’t about comedy. I am an actor and a content creator. That’s how I started. I was shy at first and I didn’t know how to go about it. I had to find someone that was like me, and we paired up to start together because two heads are always better than one. That person is Nonso Ada Jesus, we started together in 2018.

Ashmusy said

Challenges Ashmusy faced in the course of her career?

Ashmusy opened up in an interview with the Guardian Lifestyle, The industry is time-consuming and it needs my attention. Ashmusy says that it has contributed negatively to her love life, because, if I wasn’t famous as a content creator, I am sure I would have easily gotten into a relationship and moved on from there, and probably gotten married by now. But with how busy I am, I don’t even have enough time for the men that are approaching me. Also, there was a time I was shadow-banned due to Instagram rules and regulations in 2019 – that was a major challenge for me. The skit-making process is very stressful. It appears easy but it is a whole load of stress.

Ashmusy Cars

Ashmusy “Amarachi Amusi” is a lifestyle mama, she and her friend Nonso Ada Jesus (@nons_miraj) don’t stop showing their backside, and adventures on Instagram including their test for luxury cars, Now let’s look into the expensive cars Ashmusy own and also the ones she has been spotted with.

  • Lexus RX

On APRIL 17, 2021 Ashmusy bought her first car, the Lexus RX350, the Instagram comedienne spoilt herself as she bought a car, Lexus SUV which is worth over N10M with her money as she claims on her page on Instagram. The beautiful lady uploaded a video on her page dancing to Wizkid’s song and was so happy and proud of herself.

  • Porsche

In a recent video posted on her social media page, the social media influencer, Ashmusy takes her followers on how she purchased a brand new Porsche just for running errands.

She tells her followers that people constantly told her that her Range Rover Velar would spoil if she drove it daily. So she had to buy another vehicle, a Porsche, to help her run errands.

  • 2019 Range Rover Velar
Skit Maker - Ashmusy buys herself a Range Rover Velar
Skit Maker – Ashmusy buys herself a Range Rover Velar

Ashmusy bought herself a 2019 Land Rover Range Rover Velar, Ashmusy splashed over worth 36 million to 55 million naira in her choice of white Range Rover Velar.

Sharing the good news on her verified Instagram page, the 26-year-old comedian posted a video of herself cruising in her latest acquisition,

she captioned the post,

“E Dey rush. I got myself a VELAR from me to me! E Dey russssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh. May God keep blessing the works of our hands..Amen.”

Ashmusy 2019 Range Rover Velar
Ashmusy 2019 Range Rover Velar

Many of her followers reacted differently to this latest achievement, some wondered how she had made so much money from skit making that made her afford such an expensive ride.

  • Popular Instagram Influencer Ashmusy buys 2 of her loyal Staffs Brand New Cars, promises to buy them houses next

Ashmusy gives two of her staff who have worked for her for 5 years cars to thank them for their loyalty and service.

Ashmusy Net worth

Ashmusy is one of the successful female skit-making on Instagram, a model, social media personality, and businesswoman, She earns most of her money from brand ambassador deals especially those in the beauty industry, car dealers (jbautos_machines) and real estate, Ashmusy has an estimated net worth of $130,000.

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