Believe These 10 Common Car Facts At Your Own Risk

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Have you ever been guilty in any of these ways? We have put together a list of common car facts that aren’t actually true. We honestly don’t understand why these things have been treated as “facts’ ‘ in the automotive world for years. Some may have been correct a few years ago but are now obsolete. Others are suppurations. Let us look at cat facts which most people believe are true but actually false. 

Premium fuel is better for your car

Premium fuel doesn’t matter in a normal car. It should be clarified that premium fuel is not mandatory for normal cars. It’s neither cleaner nor purer; it’s less flammable. In fact, less flammable fuels are better suited for high-performance cars to prevent engine knock. Fueling a high-performance car with regular gasoline will inadvertently cause serious engine damage and reduce performance, but if your car is a regular car, premium fuel is what the owner’s manual recommends. It’s not better than

How Driving With Low Fuel Is Damaging Your Car
How Driving With Low Fuel Is Damaging Your Car

An oil change every 3,000 kilometres is essential

This saying is completely outdated. Most vehicles today can go 7,500 to 10,000 miles without an oil change. To keep your car in mint condition, we recommend following the car manufacturer’s recommendations.

Do Not Use Blackened Engine Oil

If the engine oil turns black, it is proof that the oil is working.

 Detergent-dispersant additives are now added to motor oils to remove carbon deposits and keep the engine’s internals clean and in harmless suspension in the fluid. Therefore, engine oil darkening is only an indication of the oil’s function. In fact, it’s better to have carbon deposits in the exhausted oil than in the engine.

Using the air conditioner is more fuel-efficient than opening the windows

How To Fix Your Car Air Conditioner At Home
How To Fix Your Car Air Conditioner At Home

That’s horribly wrong. However, research conducted by GM and SAE shows that turning on the air conditioner uses more fuel than opening the windows. However, opening a window can cause it to drag, and the engine has to work harder. Overall, I would recommend using the A/C while driving to stay awake and comfortable. Opening windows can cause drag as the engine has to work harder.

You should warm up your car a few minutes before driving

 Now it only takes about 30 seconds to warm up the car.

warming up the engine is also important to get the heater working faster, reducing emissions and lowering fuel costs. Still, you only have to spend a few minutes doing this if you own a car with a carburettor, but this has gone away since the advent of electronic fuel injection in the 1980s. Currently, it only takes about 30 seconds to warm up the car.

Newer Cars are better than older cars 

Important safety features such as seat belts and airbags are fully integrated into the new model. It shows that older cars are safer than newer cars. That’s right because steel frames are tougher to withstand impacts than the economical boxes of modern cars. However, cars are now being designed with a “crash zone” that handles impacts better. In addition, the new model is fully equipped with important safety equipment such as seat belts and airbags that are not found in older models.

Larger vehicles are safer for passengers

Vehicles with more capacity are larger than those with fewer passengers. Passenger safety depends on the quality of the materials used in its manufacture. It also depends on the safety features that the car has. If the “big” car is made of inferior materials, it will compromise the safety of the occupants. On the other hand, smaller vehicles with safety features are less likely to injure passengers in an accident. So car size has nothing to do with safety.

The Resale Value Of A Used Car Will Be As Good As Nothing 

A car’s resale value is not solely based on when it was made. Additionally, it relies on the maintenance schedule and the state of the equipment. Imagine you had to decide between an automobile that was built five years ago but hasn’t been maintained properly and a car that was built seven years ago but is in excellent shape. Always choose the one that was kept up. It’s likely that the owner went above and beyond to maintain it. There is a possibility that such a car will fetch a higher resale price.

Missing Maintenance Records Indicate A Faulty Vehicle

7 Basic Car Maintenance Practices That'll Save You A Lot Of Money
7 Basic Car Maintenance Practices That’ll Save You A Lot Of Money

If the maintenance history of an automobile is not available, you must determine the state of the vehicle. You can end up getting a fantastic deal if the automobile is in good shape and drives smoothly. Attempt to obtain details about the vehicle from the maker. The first few maintenance procedures are typically required in order to maintain the guarantee. So, a missing maintenance history does not always indicate a problem with the vehicle.

A Used Vehicle Requires Regular Maintenance

A used automobile won’t occasionally burn a hole in your wallet if you choose wisely while purchasing one. A used car can run smoothly and with few hitches if it is maintained well. If you are unfamiliar with cars, you should seek advice from a professional when purchasing a used vehicle


We’ve all heard at least some of this advice from more experienced drivers, but because of technological breakthroughs and enhancements to the many components of cars, it’s no longer accurate. Believe these car facts at your own risk. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I switch to synthetic oil or a different grade?

Switching to synthetic oil (or even back to conventional oil) is typically not a problem. However, it’s best to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for a recommendation on the exact type of oil you should use.

Why Does My Car Need Regular Maintenance?

A maintenance schedule is laid out by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Aside from preventing more serious, costly problems later it can help your car perform better. For example, changing fluids and dirty filters can avoid premature wear on more complex parts. Bad sparks or worn belts can damage radiators, transmissions, and engines. Maintenance can also prevent inconvenient breakdowns that interfere with your schedule.

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