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Best of Innoson Vehicles, Features and Review

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The Indigenous Automobile Company (IVM)>> Indeed anything is possible, not all would have believed that cars will be produced in Nigeria, and even if so, not this soon but thanks to IVM because they made it happen. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company (IVM) is a Nigerian automobile company that is known to produce indigenous cars believed to stand the test of time. IVM runs a plant in Nnewi, Anambra state Nigeria, and aims to be the biggest not just in Nigeria but also in the world auto market.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing is the first indigenous automobile company brand in Nigeria, founded in the year 2007 by Innocent Chukuma Nwala, before the invention of the IVM, its founder Innocent Chukuma was a spare part seller. It’s no doubt that being a spare part seller would have greatly helped his knowledge as far as it concerns automobiles. His first automobile design was a motorcycle (the first made in Nigeria motorcycle). These motorcycles were sold for a very low price of about 60,000, this did not reduce his passion. Indeed, there’s no harm in starting small. Over the years the IVM has grown to a standard brand.

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Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Company (IVM) is nicknamed the pride of Africa road, as the state of our roads is put into consideration during its car manufacturing process. Transport brands like god is good (GIGM) have partnered with the Nigerian based brand. Most winners of big brother Naija were gifted with the IVM G40 SUV after emerging as the winner of the show (big brother Naija season 4), it’s really nice as Nigerian’s are appreciating one of its own. Aside from its partnership with GIGM, IVM has also partnered with the sterling bank to help its customers acquire cars through the IVM financial scheme as well as medical and governmental agencies, it’s no doubt that the Nigeria based brand is made for the top.

About 60% of their production is locally made and some others are imported from countries like China, Japan, and Germany.

One major aim of the IVM motors is to produce cars that can be affordable for an average Nigerian rather than going for fairly used Foreign cars (Tokunbo) All of its products are at a warranty of three years.

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Some cars manufactured by IVM are;


Innoson UMU
Innoson UMU

The IVM UMW is a fully air-conditioned 5 seater sedan, available in both automatic and manual transmission. Some of its features include;

Central lock and power windows, Airbag, Rear reverse sensor, Ability to economically manage fuel among many others

Innoson Umu (a.k.a IVM Umu) may be accurately considered as the sedan/saloon variant of the Innoson Fox hatchback. It offers the same engine and shares most of the features of the IVM Fox, but comes with a subcompact saloon car design that puts it in the same general classification as the Honda City.

Innoson Umu Key Specs & Features

  • 1.5-Litre, Four-Cylinder Engine
  • 4-speed Automatic Transmission or 5-speed Manual Transmission
  • ABS + EBD
  • SRS Airbags
  • Traction Control
  • 32.3 mpg (7.3 liter per 100km) Fuel Consumption
  • Seating Capacity: 5
  • 45 Litres Fuel Tank

2. IVM G5 (SUV)

Innoson G5
Innoson G5

It is a fully air-conditioned 5 seater sports utility vehicle. Other features include;

Innoson G5 Key Specs & Features

  • 2.4-Litre, Four Cylinder Mitsubishi 4G69S4N Engine
  • Automatic Transmission or Manual Transmission
  • ABS + EBD
  • SRS Airbags
  • Traction Control
  • 32.3 mpg (7.3 litre per 100km) Fuel Consumption
  • Seating Capacity: 5
  • 75 Litres Fuel Tank

The IVM carrier 4wd is designed for rural and logistics purposes, with a petrol engine of 2.7L double cabin, and large space that will allow carriage of goods

IVM 5380

IVM 6540 Mini-Bus
IVM 6540 Mini-Bus

The IVM 5380 is suitable for official and domestic movement as it is designed to accommodate 6 seaters


  • Mini-Bus model:- IVM6540
  • Seat number:- 13 – 17
  • Overall dimensions (mm):- L x W x H 5380 x 1880 x 2285
  • Tire Size (mm):- 195 R15C radial tire
  • Track width(mm):- 1450 / 1430
  • Engine model number:- 495
  • Calibration Power:- 110
  • Max Speed >= 130mph
  • Fuel Type : Diesel

Other products by IVM includes (Commuter buses)

  • IVM 5000: 14+1 seater capacity bus
  • IVM 6540: 17+1 seater capacity bus,
  • IVM 6800: 33 seater bus
  • IVM 6751: 29 seater and 25 standing positions urban transit bus
  • IVM 6125J: 45 seater and 55 standing positions
  • IVM 6660: 26+1 seater capacity medium bus
  • IVM also designed Waste disposal vehicles as well as Medical ambulances.

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