Christmas Travel: The Best And Worst Time Travel

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As the holidays draw near, it is certain that thousands of people are going to hit the road (or the skies) to have a good time this Christmas. Whether it is for vacation, or retreat, a family get-together or general leisure, it’s usually expected that the number of travellers often surges during the Christmas holidays. Sitting in a traffic jam for hours or having to experience a hike in transport fare can increase the stress anyone goes through for the Christmas season. This is why it’s always good that any Christmas traveller is aware of the best and worst times to travel.

Why You Should Know The Best Time To Travel This Christmas

If you are thinking knowing the best time for Christ travel doesn’t matter, here are a few reasons why it’s important you know.

  1. Transport fare is usually high during the Christmas season. 
  2. Long traffic jams are usually prevalent during Christmas seasons.
  3. General security is often threatened as the Christmas season approaches.

Best Times To Travel This Christmas

This year’s Christmas falls on Saturday, the 25th of December, 2021. If you can, you can choose to travel in the first or second week of December. The hustle-bustle of the season is still at its nascent stage at this time. However, if because of work constraints or other contingencies, travelling between 20-22nd of December can still be good times. 

If you would be going by flight, it’s advisable you book your flight as early as possible, say the first week of December or anytime in November. International flights should be booked like one-three months to the due date to get cheaper flight prices. Also, ensure to get to the airport hours before your take-off time in order to get checked in on time.

Worst Times To Travel This Christmas

Anyone travelling on the 23rd and 24th of December, might not find the journey too palatable, especially if it is a road trip. These days are usually busy and congested with lots of people and vehicles on the road. In fact, you might find yourself paying double or triple the usual transport price. If you are going on a long trip of about 12-24 hours, it’s advisable to travel as early as possible.

Best Transport Companies To Travel With This Christmas

For you to get to best driving experience this Christmas, you can book your trip to any destination within Nigeria and/or neighbouring African countries with these transport companies;

ABC Transport

Contact Address: Head office: ABC TRANSPORT PLC Km 5 MCC Uratta Rd, Owerri, Imo State -1111

Peace Mass Transit

  • Contact Address: Customer Care: +2347007322362, Enquiry: +2348055492865, Complaint: +2348055091806, Website:

God is Good Motors

Ifesinachi Transport

Chisco Transport

Contact: [email protected], Website:,

Cross Country Transport

Best Airline To Travel With This Christmas

Travelling by flight has its unique advantages. You get to arrive at your destination faster. Here are some of the airlines to book your flight with this Christmas;

  1. Arik Air

For bookings:

  1. Air Peace

For bookings:

  1. Aero Contractors

For bookings:

  1. Dana Airline

For bookings:

  1. Overland Airways

For bookings:


The Christmas season is always a pleasant time to travel. It’s a time to catch up with friends and family, relax, reflect, have fun and just plan for the new year. Therefore, don’t let anything spoil your Christmas trip. Plan ahead and pick a suity time and means to travel. Have a great holiday!

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