Why you should have a Dash Cameras in your car

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Car DashcamA black box is to an airplane and a dashcam is to a car. A black box is used for an airplane in times of an air crash to pick up the details of what happened in the airplane before the air crash. A black box keeps the pilot on his or her toes because every little thing he or she does in the control room is recorded by the black box and after the plane ride, it is listened to for surveillance.

The same too goes for a dashcam, which is used to record sounds and images whilst driving. A dashcam is getting more popular all over the world because, in times of accidents or legal battles, a dashcam always comes to the rescue, especially in developed countries. The dashcam helps to pick up and record any little detail that happens on the road and even inside your car, and it can be installed for many other reasons. The dashcam is placed on the dashboard of your car, which is why it is called a dashcam.

car dash cam

Dash cams are used by anyone who owns and drives a car, and they can be installed with other technological devices to help ensure safety and security while driving.

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam is a small camera placed on the dashboard or on the windscreen of a car facing the road. A dash cam helps to record the entire journey your car takes, without skipping any bit. Dash cams can be a great source of evidence in the case of settling insurance disputes, legal battles and many police cases. Dash cam videos are time stamped and tamper proof, and in more developed countries they help provide a trail for the police to go after in terms of a car accident.

Some dash cams can have a parking mode feature, which helps you to know what happens to your car when it is parked. So the slightest movement in your car, the dash cam comes on and records every single detail.

Types of dash cams

Types of dash cams

Now that you have an understanding of what a dash cam is, it is also important to know the types of dash cams available. There are 3 main types of dash cams, and they are:

  • Front view dash cams: This type of dashcam help to capture and record every movement in front of you while driving. They are the cheapest types of dash cam to acquire but if you are taking a road trip and you need to record the whole view in front of you, then this type of dash cam is needed. The front-view dashcam only records happening in front of you.
  • Front and back view (rear) dashcams: These types of dashcams record and capture the views of what happens in front of you while driving and even at your back while driving, more of like your eyes in front and behind your head. So if you have an accident from behind with another car, a dash cam can help to easily spot who was in the wrong.
  • Cabin view dashcams: This type of dashcam records and captures everything that goes on in a car. Not in front or behind but only inside. It is mostly used in taxis, public caps, and public.

Reasons to have a dashcam in your car

As dash cams help to record everything that goes on in front of you, behind you, and even inside your car while driving, what are the main reasons to have them installed in your car for your security?

1) First-hand evidence of car evidence:

This is by a long shot the primary motivation behind why a great many vehicle drivers have chosen to put their time and cash into dashcams, particularly in Russia, where you can see the most noteworthy number of dashcam clients right now. Basically, the camera will begin recording when you turn over your motor and it will give continuous, proficient, directly to-the-point verification if there should be an occurrence of a mishap. In the event that a fender bender occurred and your vehicle was included, at that point, you can demonstrate that it was not your shortcoming and you can send the tape as proof, ought there be any court preliminary. Thusly, the other party will be considered liable for the mishap and will be obliged to pay for your own vehicle fixes – without the video proof, the other driver may guarantee that the issue was totally yours, as it regularly happens that the blameworthy drivers will, in general, accuse the victims. The dash cams are the most grounded and most effective verification you have for guarding yourself, in the event of a fender bender. Eventually, it is smarter to have one and to remain erring on the side of caution, as it can assist you with sparing a ton of time, cash, and inconvenience over the long haul.

2) Great option for worried parents and driving instructors:

It is safe to say that you are stressed that your youngster may have a good time with your vehicle, despite the fact that you have consistently tabooed him to do as such. Do you own a taxi organization and speculate that your drivers may utilize a few additional miles in close-to-home interest, or maybe you have an organization of any sort and you need to restrict the fuel utilization, yet additional miles keep accumulating with no clear explanation? On the off chance that that is the situation, at that point, the dashboard camera is absolutely the best answer for you. Then again, purchasing a scramble cam is additionally great on the off chance that you continually loan your vehicle to your companions or family members, or you need to perceive what happens at whatever point you drop your vehicle off at the nearby repairman. Your vehicle might be one of your most significant resources, and it is completely typical to be worried about it and its honesty.

The vast majority of the cutting edge dash cams accompany GPS gadgets that are installed in them, subsequently, notwithstanding recording each and every detail that happens both inside the vehicle and outside of it, the scramble cam will record the driving rate just as the distinctive road courses.

3) Helps to prevent fraud:

Insurance fraud is one of the most well-known issues of the 21st century, with regard to vehicles and traffic. Not exclusively does extortion influence insurance agencies for a huge scope, but, it really negatively affects vehicle drivers.

Basically, a few drivers deliberately cause auto crashes just to accuse the other party, to coerce cash from the person in question. This is a generally utilized misrepresentation practice these days, where the individuals who submit it typically search for top-of-the-line vehicle drivers to coerce. Try not to let con artists exploit you! Put your cash in a scramble cam that will keep you erring on the side of caution, instead of paying these con artists your hard-worked cash just to abstain from going to preliminary or getting down on the police to illuminate things.

4) You can record your entire road journey:

This explanation is especially significant on the off chance that you are attached to excursions and you generally go with your friends and family on infrequent outings. Would you like to transform your excursion into an exceptional excursion that you can see again and again, at whatever point sentimentality kicks in?

Assuming this is the case, at that point a dashboard camera is positively an extraordinary venture that will assist you with transforming your excursion into an incredible encounter and a memory you will appreciate throughout the long term.

5) Helps to prevent parking accidents:

Additionally, very much introduced dash cams can productively record miscreants who are attempting to break into your vehicle, particularly in the event that you use to leave your vehicle unattended out in the open spots or in zones that are dim. Probably the best favourable position of dashboard cameras is that a large portion of them can be set to remain on all through the whole night, without you leaving your motor on.

Furthermore, the scramble cams can likewise be worked distantly from the protection of your home, and you can send all the information to your PC, PC, tablet, or advanced mobile phone. These cams are particularly intended to give vehicle proprietors the true serenity they need around evening time, realizing that their vehicles are free from any danger in the parking area!


Dashcams are not widely popular in Nigeria, but people who own Uber cars always install these dashcams to keep an eye on their drivers. Regardless, a dashcam is really important and can help save you when the need arises.

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