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Davido shows off his car collection with renowned music promoter, Paul Okoye

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If there’s one thing the famous Nigerian singer loves as much as jewellery, it’s exotic cars.

And the recently recorded exclusive tour he gave the popular music promoter, Paul Okoye, is a testament to that fact. 

Davido and Music Promoter Paul Okoye During The Tour
Davido and Music Promoter Paul Okoye During The Tour

In the video, he takes Paul Okoye on a tour of his garage, and he showcases all his cars, including the newly purchased Lamborghini. 

One thing fans loved as much as the cars are the story behind most of them. Davido tells Paul Okoye during the tour that his car was an inspiration to young guys like him when it first arrived in Nigeria. Pointing at a white car, he said to Paul, “you see, when you first brought this car to Nigeria, I said that I must get it.”

Paul Okoye wowed with amusement as he followed him through the tour. The singer went ahead to showcase his 2019 edition Black Bentley Bentayga. 

He also went ahead to show off his newest whip, the Lamborghini, as he noted that it was a birthday gift he got for himself. 

Many fans were in awe of his collection of cars, and others asked questions like, “where is David’s red Lambo before the second Lambo,” as it wasn’t captured in the video. 

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