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“EFCC Don Dey Screen Record”: Nigerian Man left speechless after spotting the Alarming amount of Luxury Cars in a student Hostel at his University

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A young Nigerian man has been left speechless and in shock, after he spotted a student hostel in his University with a series of luxury vehicles parked inside.

The video which was shared online by @GossipMillTV shows the moment the young man exclaims in surprise as he enters the hostel. In the video, he calls out the occupants saying: “Na ritualist hostel be this.”

Some of the luxury vehicles spotted in the hostel include a Mercedes Benz GLK, Lexus RX, and over five other vehicles parked in the hostel’s compound.

Watch the video here

Here are some reactions to the post:

@endylight1 commented: “EFCC liked this post and 10 others”

@hyrishtheebigdeal commented: “I can’t imagine the fights that go on in this house anytime someone wants to drive out”

@jay_scotch_autos commented: “The poster obviously don’t know the meaning of “Luxury cars”. How do you categorize Benz GLK and Lexus RX as luxury car bikini🤦”

@crownbee01 commented: “If Dey come pack una now. Una go Dey shout like were”

@spottheredflag commented: “I can never live in this kind of apartment, it’s only a matter of time before EFCC will raid everybody here”

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