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“Every Car Is A Woman,” Ex-Big Brother Naija Housemate, Modella Says

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In another episode of the “Passenger Seat” on 234 Drive, the guest was the ex-2022 Big Brother Naija housemate, Modella. Modella was one of the fake housemates that joined during the show’s early days. 

Before entering the BBN house, Modella said she didn’t know she would be a fake housemate. According to her, she found out about it the day she entered the house. In a previous interview, she said, 

“I didn’t know prior to now. I didn’t know the role of a fake housemate. They just told me that morning, and I didn’t have enough time to process everything. I just decided to go to the house and be myself.”

Modella Big Brother Naija
Modella Big Brother Naija

When asked by the host Amaka what color of the car she loves, the Ex BBN housemate says, “burnt orange, red…but I also love black cars because they have this exotic look and vibes.”

During the interview, she was asked what gender she thinks a car is; she said female because cars are beautiful and are easily admired by everyone.

She also added that she first learned to drive at 18 using a manual-driving car. But, she first tested her driving experience with an automatic car, and it was a different experience entirely.

Modella also talked about how Nigerian men use cars as a tactic to get women’s phone numbers. When asked if it works for her, she said, “It depends. But, you have to be careful because most times, it might be someone driving a borrowed car.”

In concluding the interview/discussion, the ex-BBN housemate also talked about her future aspiration and continuing her acting career now that she has left the house.

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