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“From Mechanic To A Baller”: A Look At Tiktoker Iambuike’s Rise To Wealth

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A recent video that surfaced online showcases the before pictures of Buike, a Nigerian artist, before his rise to fame and wealth. The 22-year-old famous Nigerian Musical artist, TikTok star, and aspiring model hail from Umuobasi Mbala, Isuochi LGA, in Abia State. He currently resides in Enugu state.

Nigerian Artiste Buike's Cars
Nigerian Artiste Buike’s Cars

Chibuike Promise Obi is still an upcoming artist making his way and bringing his relevance to the music industry. But, the surfaced pictures show that the artiste has come a long way from the person he used to be. 

Although not yet a household name in the Nigerian music industry, Buike has acquired a lot of fan following and wealth as well.

His after pictures which showcase him posing in front of luxury cars, point out that he’s a long way from where he used to be.


In July 2022, the upcoming Nigeria artiste purchased a new Lexus RX 350 SUV, which he shared pictures of them on his social media feed. The artiste has also been spotted with other cars like Toyota LandCruiser, Lexus ES 350, and so many others cars.

Tiktoker Iambuike’s cars
Tiktoker Iambuike’s cars
Tiktoker Iambuike’s cars
Tiktoker Iambuike’s cars

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