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Fuel Subsidy Removal!!! Fuel Scarcity Officially Back As Cars Line Up To Purchase Fuel

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Since the new president of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, announced the removal of fuel subsidy on the 29th of May, 2023, many fuel stations in Nigeria have started hoarding their fuels to start selling at an increased price by 1st June officially.

More and more videos have been surfacing the internet recently, with many cars queued at fuel stations around the country in order to purchase fuel from filling stations, whose prices now increase every 30 minutes. 

This recent video that appeared online shows the number of cars queued up at a fuel station to purchase fuel. The man who shared the post captioned it: “See patrol queue for my area after Tinubu announces subsidy removal.”

However, another person came to address the issue, saying: “Fuel subsidy removal has not come into effect officially. Tinubu just made the announcement that IT WILL be removed. But fuelling stations have stopped selling fuels. They are hoarding their remaining stock so they can sell at the new rate of N500 or above. Nigerians and Greed.”

Watch the video here

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