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Fuel Subsidy Removal: “If 1L of Petrol is N540, to completely fill the fuel tank for a Ferrari 458 is about N46,440 and it consumes about N4,537 per kilometre

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In a recent video that appeared online, a car dealer shares that it costs about N46,400 to fill the tank of a Ferrari 458 Italia in Nigeria.

In the post, the car dealer writes: “If 1L of Petrol is N540, to completely full the fuel tank for a Ferrari 458 is about 46,440 naira, and it consumes about 4,537 naira per kilometer, how far can you go on a full tank of fuel?”

From the post, it means that before the increase in the price of fuel, it cost about N25,000 to fill the tank of the Ferrari 458 Italia and use it for a long time before the fuel in the vehicle is exhausted.

Here are some of the answers to the question:

@michaelsypder commented: “There someone who owns a Ferrari and there’s me calculating his mileage..This life”

@being_ade commented: “No be me buy car but na me wan dey do maths😂”

@2k_musty commented: “About 10.2km If 46,440 is full tank that means 86 liters.”

@automobil_poacher commented: “E no fit go far 🤐”

@thekabacci commented: “Is this fuel consumption correct? Does this mean the owner can’t drive from say, Ikeja to Lekki without refueling?”

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