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Gearbox Price In Nigeria And Buying Guide

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Simply put, the gearbox is a major mechanical component of an automobile consisting of a series of gears and geartrains needed to alter torque and speed. Gearboxes are not only found in automobiles, but they are also part of the components of turbines, and heavy machinery used to transfer energy from one rotating power source to another.

Gearbox and transmission are often used interchangeably, although they don’t exactly mean the same thing. In American English, the term Gearbox means the same thing as transmission. However, in British English, the word transmission has a broader meaning compared to a gearbox. It refers to the entire drivetrain, which includes the gearbox, the clutch, the prop shaft (for rear-wheel-drive layout), the differential and also the final drive shaft.

  • Manual Transmission Or Gearbox

A lot of cars use a manual transmission, this is because it is less expensive and allows the driver to manage the car as he pleases. A manual gearbox has a driver-operated clutch which, with the aid of a foot pedal and a hand lever with which the driver can alternate the speed and torque coming from the engine. There is also a gear selector or lever, with which the driver can select the gear he/she wants to use.

  • Automatic Transmission Or Gearbox

Unlike the manual transmission, the automatic transmission comes designed with an accelerator that the driver can press or depress. Here, the driver does not need to manually shift between gears, the car changes speed and torque automatically. All you need to be concerned about is the general car movement – forward or reverse.

  • Continuously Variable Transmission(CVT) Or Gearbox

CVT is a type of automatic transmission, however, its internal design is different from automatic transmission/gearbox vehicles. Normally, an automatic gearbox changes gear ratios by using gears fitted together. However, in CVT, the gears are connected by using pulleys and belts.  In order to change gear ratios in a CVT gearbox, happens by shifting the cheek pulleys on the secondary and primary axes. The most important advantage of a CVT gearbox over manual or automatic is that it operates smoothly without delay because you don’t need to shift gears.

  • Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission

Drivers who love dynamic acceleration and enjoy a sense of luxury when driving will prefer cars with dual-clutch acceleration. This is because they can choose to shift gears themselves or allow the gears to shift automatically. a dual-clutch automatic gearbox can be considered as an automatic type that owns two separate clutches.

Price Of Gearbox In Nigeria

The price of the gearbox varies in Nigeria. It is usually dependent on the vehicle model, year and the type of gearbox it is. Below is a list of prices of gearboxes in Nigeria.

Ford Explorer Gearbox 2008 Model  ₦145,000
Honda Accord Gearbox 2003 Model  ₦70,000
Honda Accord Gearbox 2005 Model  ₦95,000.00
Honda Acura CL Gearbox 2003 Model  ₦85,000
Honda Baby Boy Gearbox 2003 Model  ₦98,000.00
Honda CRV Gearbox 2007/2008 Model  ₦125,000.00
Hyundai Sonata Gearbox GLS Model  ₦95,000
Mazda 626 Gearbox 2001 Model  ₦70,000.00
Mercedes ML 4Matic Gearbox 2006 Model  ₦140,000
Nissan Altima Gearbox 2003-2010 Model  ₦50,000 – 80,000
Nissan Murano Gearbox 2005 Model  ₦155,000
Nissan Pathfinder Gearbox 2004 Model  ₦115,000
Toyota 4 Runner Gearbox 2000 Model  ₦80,000
Toyota Camry 2.3 Gearbox 2003/2004 Model  ₦125,000.00
Toyota Camry Gearbox 2006 Model  ₦105,000
Toyota Camry Gearbox 2007 Model  ₦125,000.00
Toyota Corolla Gearbox 2001/2001 Model  ₦95,000.00
Toyota Highlander Gearbox 2008 Model  ₦135,000
 Lexus RX 300 Gearbox  ₦125,000.00

PS: Note that prices of the gearbox are subject to change depending on the dollar rate and prevailing market conditions.

Buying Guide For Gearbox In Nigeria

  • Gearbox Requirements

There are different kinds of gearboxes, it’s important you know the one that fits or works well with your car before buying. Before buying your gearbox, make sure you study design functionality, development requirements, design parameters and product optimization.

  • Calculate The Gearbox Design

The right gearbox calculation will enable you to make the right pick. Design calculations are determinants of torque, overhung load, service factor, testing analysis and gear ratio among other things.

  • Gearbox Specifications

When picking a gearbox, ensure to carefully observe the specifications. Specifications like RPM, power, torque, current, voltage, enclosure restrictions, life expectancy/ duty circle, shaft diameter, length and rotation (CW or CCW).

  • Speed And Torque Requirements

Depending on your appliance or vehicle’s need, it’s important to be aware of your speed output as well as its running torque and start to be sure it matches what you want.

  • Test

After you have bought the required gearbox, it’s necessary for you to test it. The gearbox should work perfectly in different working conditions. If after buying, the motor is noisy, too hot, or seems stressed, that means you have Selected the wrong gearbox for your car.

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