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Here’s One Self-Driving Feature Traditional Car Lovers Will Love – New in Town

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While technology and AI are gradually taking over the automobile industry, many car lovers and owners are still clinging to their driving patterns. Many are not yet ready to do away with driving their own cars, as self-driving cars seem risky. 

However, there are still a handful of those thrilled about self-driving cars. But, there’s one feature of self-driving cars that even traditional driving-style car owners will fall in love with. It’s the self-parking feature. 

Self-Parking Vehicles Are Revolutionizing Driving 

Self-parking cars are entering the automobile industry to change how to use our cars. For instance, you are late to the office and want to park your car, but each car is parked bumper-to-bumper. All you do is get out of the car, rush into the office and leave the AI self-parking feature to park the car properly. This is truly revolutionary. 

All you have to do is press the key fob, and your car rolls off. The car continues to drive on its own until it finally spots the nearest empty spot. Then it parks itself and waits for you to return and click the key fob, moving out to meet you. 

Even those afraid of self-driving cars will love to experience the luxury of their car parking through AI assistance. The introduction of self-parking cars into vehicles won’t just be about luxury. Car experts note that it’ll transform our cities and even pay for themselves while they do it.

How Self-Parking Cars Will Transform Cities 

Motorbiscuits notes, “If cars can drive themselves out of town and park, parking will be much easier to find in cities. Events such as sports games will no longer increase the demand for parking. Attendants’ cars can caravan out of town to a designated event parking area.”

A recent study by Arup.com notes that we may be able to fit 89% more self-parking cars in a given lot. The reason is that these vehicles can afford to be parked close to each other’s doors because they don’t need to open. These self-parking cars can also double park and signal one another when one needs to move. 


Self-driving and self-parking cars are revolutionizing driving. While it would take a while before many could develop an interest in self-driving cars, it won’t take long before many people start loving self-driving cars just because of their self-parking features.

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