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How A YouTuber Bought A Brand New ₦296 Million Ferrari F8 Just So He Can Destroy It

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A crazy Youtuber has just spent $400,000 buying a Ferrari F8, and he didn’t buy it so he can drive it. He bought it so he could destroy the vehicle.

Ferrari always files lawsuits against people who change their cars or treat them badly. So, there’s a chance that this YouTuber will be getting a lawsuit from Ferrari soon, especially after the video went viral on the internet.

Many people only dream about getting their hands on a Ferrari supercar. And for those who do, they ensure the vehicle stays in good shape. But this YouTuber is not one of them.

The YouTuber Cody Detwiler purposely bought the supercar just so he could trash it, and he epically did that. 

The Ferrari is not an old or used version. It is a 20202 model of the F8, with only 3,000 miles on it, costing him $400,000.

First, he drew nasty images on the car’s emblems; he removed the supercar’s $30,000 stock exhaust and replaced it with a really loud one to get it popping and banging.

He then set out and started destroying the Ferrari. The harsh treatment of the vehicle soon started showing on the vehicle. Soon error codes were popping up left, right, and centre on the car’s dashboard.

He then took the 3,300 psi power washer to the supercar’s paintwork, making every effort to spray into their air ducts, filling them with water and dirt.

He then placed the Ferrari inside a protective bubble, not with the intention of protecting it but to destroy it further, as he started throwing various objects on the top of the bubble, hoping it would damage the car inside.

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