How Much Is Transportation From Lagos To Asaba by Road? Price & Travel Guides

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Lagos to Asaba is another popular travel location that many people will be travelling through this December. Some people are coming down to Asaba to spend Christmas with the family, while others are just going to have a nice time. 

On the other hand, Asaba will be a stop-over location for many people travelling to the East who want to break their journey into two days. So, many bus companies will certainly travel to and from Asaba all through the holiday period. Here are some of the prices of some reputable transport companies going to Asaba this December

Bus Companies & Their Transport Fare From Lagos To Asaba

Bus CompanyLagos To Asaba Price List
God Is Good ₦‎13,000 – ₦‎16,800
Peace Mass Transit₦‎9,000
GUO Transport ₦‎17,100
Young Shall Grow Transport ₦‎12,000 – ₦‎14,000
Ifesinachi Transport Ltd.₦‎13,000 – ₦‎15,000
ABC Transport₦‎11,550
Chisco Transport Company₦‎12,000

Cost Of Transport From Lagos To Asaba

On average, the transportation cost from Lagos to Asaba is between ₦‎10,000 to ₦‎15,000.  However, the price increases depending on the company you are using and the location in Lagos you are travelling from.

Travel Routes Description

By road, it takes about 6 hours and 54 minutes to travel from Lagos to Asaba following the Benin-Sagamu expressway. However, the hours can extend depending on the route, traffic, and other road stops.

Travelling FromLagos, Lagos State
Departure TerminalJibowu, Lagos
Arrival TerminalSapele Rd. By Airport Junction, Effurun Delta State
Geo-Location of Origin
Geo-Location of Destination
State FromLagos State
State ToDelta State
City FromLagos
City ToAsaba
AC Bus Transport Fare₦‎15,000
Normal Bus Fare₦‎10,000
AC Bus Fuel Quantity95
Normal Bus Fuel Quantity75
Estimated Distance439.3 km
Estimated Duration414 minutes

Choosing A Bus From Lagos To Asaba: What You Should Know

There are certain things you should take note of while choosing a bus from Lagos to Asaba. These things have a major role in your trip’s success. Here are some of them;

  • Convenience

Is the bus company of the bus company you are travelling with providing you comfortable to take you through a trip of almost 7 hours? Note that 7 hours of travelling on the road is a long distance; the least a company can do is provide passengers with comfortable seats and seating arrangements.

  • Type Of Driver

The driver of the vehicle you are travelling with is important. However, this one comes to play when you are not booking with any of those reputable companies. Make sure you monitor the type of driver you are entering their bus.

  • Route

The route of the journey is important. There’s so much insecurity looming in Nigeria today, and the transport company you are following should be security conscious enough to travel through safe routes.

  • Budget

Make sure you budget accordingly and only travel with a company whose price meets your budget. This is important, especially when paying for others you’ll be travelling with.

  • Proximity To Destination

Various transport companies have their specific bus stops in Asaba. So, make sure you choose to travel with a company whose bus stop location is close to your destination.

Travelling Tips For Passengers Traveling From Lagos To Asaba

Travelling from Lagos on the road for 7 hours is a lot, and to make the journey bearable, here are some hands-on tips to follow.

  1. Choose a window side seat; they allow you more freedom to entertain your eyes while travelling. However, they are quickly booked. The trick to always getting them is booking your trip two to three days in advance.
  2. Prepare for changes in weather by carrying a pullover or scarf. They come in handy especially when you use transport companies that leave the AC on till they arrive at the bus stop.
  3. For more legroom, always choose the door-side seats or the seat beside the driver.
  4. Always carry pain relief like Panadol or Ibuprofen in case you suddenly develop an ache.
  5. For women, always carry extra sanitary materials, especially during your period. You will need them to change when the driver stops for a brief break.
  6. Carry your headphones, earpiece, and anything to keep you entertained throughout the journey.
  7. Make sure your essentials are in a carry-on bag that you keep close to you.
  8. Avoid putting breakable items inside the bus trunk. They might break before you arrive at your destination.
  9. Avoid answering calls at checkpoints. Armed officers easily pick offence with that, which might affect the journey flow.
  10. Be aware of the journey and keep someone at your destination informed about the journey all through.


Many Nigerians still travel by road from Lagos to Asaba, and this Christmas period won’t be any different as the number of road travellers will even increase. However, follow travel guides and tips for a less stressful 7 hours journey on the road.

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