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How To Avoid Police Extortion And Harassment On The Highway

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Police extortion and harassment are some of the maladies frequently faced by both commercial and private vehicle drivers in Nigeria. The popular saying- the police is your friend- seems to be the exact opposite experience of Nigerians. Hardly does any Nigerian see the police as a friend, but as a threat to security and stability.

Rather than be concerned about maintaining law and order on the road, the police are often concerned about collecting bribes from drivers without bothering about their vehicles’ or the drivers’ particulars. Some sources have attributed the reason for the indiscriminate behaviour of police to their low pay. The fact is, the Nigerian police is one of the most poorly paid and ill-equipped in the world.

 Not everyone has to get harassed and extorted by the police. shows you how to avoid getting harassed and extorted on the highway.

Police Checkpoints

You should know that the police don’t just stay anywhere to stop drivers for a check on the car and their particulars. The police often stay at designated points called Police checkpoints. These checkpoints are usually mounted at dangerous points on the road such as road meanders, top the hill and potholes, with the aim of making it difficult for would-be victims to escape. You will know you have reached a checkpoint when the police flag you down and ask you to pull over.

What To Do To Avoid Harassments And Extortion By Police

  1. Make sure your driver’s license and other car documents (particulars) are complete and up to date.
  2. Make sure your vehicle’s plate number is validated. You can do this by logging on to FRSC through As soon as you input your plate number, and click submit, it should display your car brand, model, and the colour of your car as it is on your paper. If your plate number is valid and yet to be assigned it means your document was not uploaded. You can get it uploaded by going to any licencing office with your car particulars. This should cost nothing more than 1,000 NGN.
  3. To avoid getting harassed by police officers, you must be sure your papers are authentic. You can verify your vehicle license through this link Just input your plate number and click ‘search’. It will display the expiry date of your license.
  4. Don’t be intimidated when the police flag down your car. Instead, be polite, and calm and keep a smile on your face. There’s no need for you to fret if you have all your papers complete.
  5. Slow down as you approach the checkpoint. Trying to speed on the highway, when you are close to a police checkpoint gives the idea that you are a criminal. 
  6. Lower the volume of music if it’s loud as you speak with the police. 
  7. As much as you can, avoid fighting with an armed policeman. The consequences might be fatal.
  8. Avoid being rude or abusive to police, especially armed police officers.
  9. After you have presented your particulars to the officer, and they still insist on extorting you- ensure not to get rude to the police officer. Don’t be afraid of following them to the police station, especially if you know you are totally innocent and free of any charge they try to lay on you. 
  10. If you can get access to call the Inspector General monitoring unit cellphone, then call and lodge your complaints.
#EndSar Tips for a Cordial and Safe Relationship at Police Checkpoints in Nigeria
#EndSars: Tips for a Cordial and Safe Relationship at Police Checkpoints in Nigeria


Not all police officers are corrupt, however, it appears the bad eggs are in the majority. Have been harassed and extorted by the police before? Then, endeavour to imbibe these tips to avoid future incidents. 

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