How to change any tyre in Nigeria with these 10 simple steps

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Tires let you have a smooth and safe drive. Since they assume an essential part of your vehicle, it is critical to keep up with them appropriately. Tires crumble rapidly in light of the fact that that is the main vehicle segment that connects with the hard street surface.

First of all, never attempt and replace a tire if your own security is in danger or in the event that you don’t have the right instruments. On the off chance that you are, nonetheless, in a protected spot, with the correct apparatuses and feel sufficiently certain to change the wheel then the uplifting news is an extra wheel is simply the most dependable approach to get back out and about. Your vehicle will either accompany a restricted space-saver or a full-size save. Be that as it may, the way toward changing a wheel is the same.2

How to change any tyre
How to change any tyre

Ensure you locate a protected spot to stop. It’s smarter to drive further and hazard harming the wheel edge than stop someplace risky –, for example, on a restricted street. Leave your hazard lights on when you park. Put on your intelligent coat on the off chance that you have one, and position your admonition triangle to caution approaching drivers.  It is however necessary to check your car manual for guidance before proceeding.

Equipment needed for changing a tire

Aside from the extra wheel, you will require the accompanying:

  • Wrench – for eliminating the wheel nuts
  • Jack – for lifting the vehicle off the ground
  • Wheel chock – to prevent the vehicle from rolling when lifted (blocks can be utilized all things being equal)
  • Wheel nut key – if locking nuts are fitted
  • Vehicle handbook – for reference

It might likewise be helpful to have:

  • Light – for working around evening time (check batteries consistently)
  • Gloves – wheels will be grimy
  • Reflective coat – to make you noticeable
  • Cautioning triangle – to make different drivers aware of a risk/obstacle
  • Short board of wood – as a level surface to consistent the jack
  • Tire pressure measure – for checking the new tire is completely swelled

How to change a car tyre in 10 simple steps

How to change a car tyre in 10 simple steps

1. Set up the vehicle

  • Apply the handbrake and eliminate all travellers from the vehicle.
  • Take the extra haggle apparatuses out of the boot.

2. Position the wheel chocks

  • Chocks keep the vehicle from rolling while raised
  • Position a chock on the contrary wheel to the one with a cut.
  • If your left-front tire has a cut, put a chock behind the right-back tire. If your left-back tire is level, you need a chock before the right-front.
  • Use chocks for both front/back tires (as suitable) on the off chance that you have them.

3. Extricate the wheel nuts

  • It’s simpler – and more secure – to do this while the vehicle is on the ground.
  • You may have to switch off a plastic wheel trim first.
  • Turn the wheel wrench clockwise and release the nuts to where they can be turned by hand.

4. Lift the vehicle

  • All vehicles have committed jacking focuses – counsel your handbook to see where these are.
  • Expect to situate the jack along the edge of the vehicle, near the penetrated wheel.
  • Putting a little board of wood under the jack will help keep it stable.
  • Raise the vehicle gradually until the punctured tire is 10-15cm off the ground.

5. Eliminate the punctured tire

  • Completely extricate and eliminate the wheel nuts, at that point delicately pull the tire towards you until it comes free.
  • Spot it level on the ground.

6. Mount the extra wheel

  • -Slide the extra wheel onto the distending centre point fasteners or in accordance with the wheel nut openings (cautioning: it’s hefty to lift it off the ground to do this).
  • Supplant the wheel nuts and fix them by hand.

7. Lower the vehicle and fix the jolts

  • Utilize the jack to drop the vehicle down somewhat, so the extra tire is in contact with the ground.
  • Presently utilize the wrench to completely fix the wheel nuts.

8. Completely lower the vehicle

  • Bring the vehicle completely practical and eliminate the jack.
  • Consider giving the wheel nuts a last check for snugness.
  • Stow the jack and the other tire in the boot, alongside the remainder of your hardware.

9. Check the extra tire pressure

  • If you have one, utilize a tire constrain measure to check the extra wheel is completely swelled.
  • Then again, drive cautiously to a gas station and utilize the check there.
  • Siphon up the tire to the suggested pressure – as point by point in the handbook – if essential.

10. Take your penetrated tire to fix

  • Visit a carport or tire fitter at the main chance and give them your penetrated wheel.

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