Vehicle Registration in Nigeria 2024 – How To Register My New Car

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Car in Nigeria – Sometimes information on registering vehicles or getting vehicle registration plates is not easily accessible and available. That is why we at have decided to write an article on that. All vehicles must be registered before they are allowed to ply on roads. It is hazardous to drive a car that has not been registered. It is against Nigerian traffic rules and regulations and there are penalties attached to it.

That said, the task of registering a vehicle in Nigeria can be a nightmare. The procedure is strenuous and time-consuming. Most times there is an endless line of applicants waiting at the FRSC office anytime one goes there. It can be really frustrating to repeatedly visit that office due to the lack of required info on the documents that are needed to get the registration done. 

To avoid all these “wahala”, let gives you the right guidelines on how to go about it.

Documents needed for vehicle registration in Nigeria

First and foremost, to make sure you’ll never need to come back to the registration centre one more time, every document must be ready in your hand.

Below is the list of papers required:

From the company, you bought the vehicle

  • Letter of attestation
  • Delivery note
  • Receipt of purchase or invoice
  • Vehicle ownership proof

Your own identification papers:

  • A valid updated driver’s license
  • National identity card or International passport
  • Utility bills which show proof of current residential address
  • Passport photographs

If the car you are registering is imported, you have to prepare the following as well:

  • Tax identification number
  • Clearance papers obtained from customs
  • Duty certificate of motor vehicles

The procedure for FRSC vehicle registration

vehicle registration in nigeria
vehicle registration in Nigeria

Standard car registration in Nigeria

Once all the documents are ready and available, proceed to the steps below:

  1. Go to the State Board of Internal Revenue or Motor Licensing Authority
  2. Complete the form “Allocation of plate number” Carefully
  3. Submit the form together with all required documents.
  4. Finish the application package

After checking through your papers, the authorities will give you some other forms to fill out, they are:

  • Allocation of the registration number of the new vehicle
  • License form of auto vehicle
  • Form B (just a name, never mind)
  • FRSC/ Federal Road Safety form
  • Tax form

The application package will be forwarded and verified by a police officer in the licensing office. If approved, it’ll be stamped and a date of verification will be included.

  1. Pay for the license plate.

A standard number plate is publicized at N12,500 and the fancy number plate is around N80,000.

However, many drivers have reported that they were asked to pay up to N50,000, so when at the FRSC office in a specific region, remember to clarify the amount of money you have to pay.

  1. Present the receipt of payment and take the newly assigned plate number. Other documents given are
  2. Proof of Ownership Certificate,
  3. Proof of Ownership Certificate Number and
  4. VIT or Vehicle Identification Tag
  1. Take back all original documents that you submitted. Check properly to ensure nothing is missing or mistaken.
  1. Buy a vehicle insurance policy for your new car.

Vehicle registration in Lagos

The above-mentioned car registration details might be a little different from the car registration process in Lagos. It is more time-saving compared to the rest of the country.

All that you need to prepare for vehicle registration in Lagos is:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Insurance papers
  • Insurance policy number
  • ID document: national identity card or international passport
  • Proof of current address
  • Proof of car ownership
  • Tax identification number
  • Custom papers (compulsory for imported vehicles)

Then, bring everything required to one of over 50 Motor Vehicle Administration Agencies around Lagos and you’ll get it done in a very short time.

Nigerian vehicle registration plates

In 1992, Nigerian vehicle registration plates were officially introduced. It was later revised in 2011. Nigerian license plates follow the North American standard in design which is 6×12 inches.

Different types of vehicle plate numbers are painted in different colours, such as:

  • Normal plates: Blue
  • Commercial vehicle plates: Red
  • Government vehicle plates: Green
  • Diplomatic plates: White number on red background

Car registration number verification

After registering your car number plate, you can try car registration number verification on FRSC or Lagos Motor Vehicle Administration Agency’s websites. The procedure for doing that is highlighted in this article. Verifying your license plate after they’re done is a must to make sure you do not fall into fraud.

Oghenvwede B. Elohor is a creative writer with Carmart blog. She is also a digital marketer with a keen interest in delivering optimal and timely contents to the reader, leaving them informed and entertained. She has a degree in Computer Science, her hobbies are making research and singing.

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