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“I Just Became a Land Owner”: Ola of Lagos Drives a Lexus SUV Worth Millions to Sign New Land Deal

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  • Popular Nigerian car dealer, Ola of Lagos adds three new plots of land to his assets.
  • The millionaire influencer drove in a white-colored Lexus SUV to sign the land deal.
  • Ola noted that he only paid N3 million initial deposit for the three plots of land.

The popular car influencer, Ola of Lagos announced that he became a new land owner in Lagos, Nigeria. 

In the video that was posted on his social media page, the popular car and luxury influencer shows off not just the new land he purchased, but also the white exterior-colored Lexus SUV he drove to the site at Orewa City.

Ola of Lagos Drives a Lexus SUV Worth Millions to Sign New Land Deal

The video shows off just the front and side exteriors of the Lexus SUV the millionaire car influencer went with to sign the new land deal with Propati Radar Ltd.

Watch the video here

Over time, the Lexus SUV has become the favorite vehicle for many wealthy Nigerians. It is not just because this vehicle is a luxury car. Rather, it’s the performance and comfort of this vehicle in navigating Nigerian routes that have made it a highly-coveted vehicle by wealthy Nigerians.

Just like the Toyota Hilux truck, it’s gradually becoming impossible to not spot a Lexus SUV in the garage of a wealthy person in Nigeria.

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