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“I Surprised My Wife With A New Car”: The Moment A Black Doctor Surprised His Wife With A Brand New Mercedes G-Class

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In a video that surfaced online, a black doctor shows how he surprised his wife with her first-ever car since they married. The doctor gifted his wife a brand new Mercedes G-class as a gift for consistently holding it down.

In his caption, he explains to his followers that he got his wife the car in 2022, and now he’s also been thinking of getting a car for himself. But he’s money conscious, trying to save and not spend much money.

From the reactions of long-time followers in his comment section, it appears the doctor and his wife had been working so hard to afford the life they currently know. A follower commented: “She holds it down!!!” The doctor responded: “You just don’t know, man!” 

Some other comments on the video include: 

@b.christine_interiors commented: “Listen!!! I just want my husband to think of me like this and stop thinking I’m Mrs. Independent.”

@drwallacenozille said: “Treating a Queen as a Queen should be treated! Would expect nothing less of a true King!”

@jamme21 added: “What a blessing. You worked hard and sacrificed in school and now you can enjoy life.”

@amydylephotography commented: “You both worked hard for a long time…just go for it!” 

The Doctor replied saying: “We try to save though! It’s a balance.”

@chinchy2.0 added: “I love this and the union of this family that puts God first.”

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