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“If nah private, Lastma would impound and ask for 120k”: The Moment Lagos state staff bus passed one way, LASTMA came for the rescue

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A social media user shared his most recent encounter with LASTMA and a BRT Bus driver in Lagos. He gives his followers details on how he blocked a BRT Bus driver who violated traffic, which led LASTMA officers to start pleading with him. 

In the tweet he says: 

“This Lagos state staff bus decided to pass one way and as a good citizen I blocked him. But guess who came to beg for him, shameless Lastma officers. Me I sha held them fine for 30 mins. Cuz if it was a private car, Lastma would impound and ask for 120k.”

The social media user shared that this happened at Amara Olu Street off Lateef Jakande Agindingbi, Lagos. He explained that he had a lot of fun holding the bus from moving until the Lastma officers abandoned them, and the staff inside the bus had to come down to plead with him.

Many of his followers commended his bravery as others condemned Lastma for their practice of favouritism towards BRT buses.

Here are some of the social media reactions:

@GbolahanAwolesi commented: “LASTMA only cash out on private vehicle in Lagos. That’s why you don’t see the difference between them and Agberos.”

@Teewaieff commented: “Love this! Na the law makers dey break the law, yet they find every opportunity to oppress us if we break the same law(s)”

@_Moropeda_ said: “Energy! If it was a private car Lastma will not listen to pleas.”

@9thBrother commented: “The Lagos state government will release a statement tomorrow promising to punish the erring driver. Next week, this same thing will happen again.”

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