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Inside The World’s Most Expensive Private Jet Worth $500 Million, Check out the Owner

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Have you ever wondered who owns the most expensive private jet in the world? Of course, there are many owners of some of the most expensive cars in the world. But the most expensive private jet? It’s only one person, and it’s not even the US government or the government of any country.

The Owner Of The Most Expensive Private Jet In The World
The Owner Of The Most Expensive Private Jet In The World

The Saudi Arabian Prince, Alwaleed Bin Talal, bought and owned the most expensive private jet in the world. The private jet (Boeing 747) cost the Prince $400 million to assemble the private jet. This does not even include the amount of money spent on customizing the private jet’s interior.

The interior customization of the double-decker plane costs another $200 million. The Prince had a concert hall, a Turkish bath, a luxury car garage, five bedrooms, a dining table for 14 people, and a throne also installed in the centre of the plane for the Prince.

That’s to say that not only is the cost of purchasing the plane about $600 million but the inside of the plane is also customized with utmost luxury to attain an exotic styling that appeals to the Prince. 

Inside the plane, there’s access to a concert hall containing as many people as possible. There’s also a luxury car garage the Prince’s car can be packed inside. Passengers on the plane have access to 5 bedroom spaces for relaxation, and of course, there’s a throne installed for the Prince inside this plane.

The luxury garage with cars inside the plane allows the Prince to easily travel whenever he wants without ever having to part with his collection of Rolls-Royce vehicles and his preferred horses and camels, as stated by Atomaviation.