Is the Dashboard Of Your Toyota And Lexus Car Always Melting? Know How To Fix It

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Finding the best car to drive in Nigeria is very difficult as there are currently no cars made with every Nigerian perspective in mind.

The Toyota and Lexus brands are two brands that have nearly perfect cars for the average Nigerian, but the Nigerian sun managed to tarnish the strong, positive reputation of a handful of Lexus and Toyota vehicles between 2003 and 2013. The alternating weather can melt or crack the dashboard.

Toyota has been sued over and over for this issue. The problem is really all over the world, but Nigerians love their Tokunbo cars, so dashboard melting and cracking is a frequent occurrence here. We found a solution to this error in my car. Before we get to the solution, here is a list of all Toyota and Lexus vehicles with dashboard popping and melting issues in Nigeria.

This article will show you some ways to fix melted dashboards on Lexus and Toyota cars in Nigeria.

Melting Dashboard Kit

The chemical company has developed a dashboard repair kit for the previously mentioned Toyota and Lexus melting models.

This kit is like a polish that keeps your dashboard from melting and is only available in Nigeria through an online deal. Delivery will take several weeks.

Simple to use liquid treatment

This solution only fixes melted dashboards, not cracked dashboards. It is not an easy process at all. 

Next, you need to hire a creative upholsterer to sew random materials across the dashboard so it doesn’t melt or tear in the car. Getting that factory look, however, should be done by an experienced upholsterer and not Judy anybody you come across. If done well, you’ll love your car even more.

Using a Dashboard Mat 

The dashboard mat is another option and the least expensive option on the solution list. Just purchase a dashboard cover that fits your vehicle perfectly and you are good to go.

How does the Dashboard Mat appear? You can find it in any automotive shop. It is very wise to immediately purchase dashboard mats after purchasing a Toyota or Lexus model prone to this disease.

Window Tinting

Nigerian window tinting does more than just prevent your dashboard from cracking or melting. It also prevents door panels from falling apart as they are always exposed to the sun.

Tinting your windows reduces the amount of sunlight that enters your car during the day and helps reduce the rate at which your dashboard and other car trim will crack or melt. However, there are a few things to consider before looking for your automotive window tint supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Clean a Sticky Dashboard

Before you start gathering cleaning materials and following the steps below, determine if your vehicle’s dashboard is eligible for replacement. Some makes and models may be qualified for free repair or replacement of defective dashboards.
If your manufacturer offers either of these options, that should be your go-to solution. 

What Causes a Sticky Dashboard?

To be clear, dashboards are not supposed to melt. If yours does, it is considered a defect and may be eligible for replacement or repair by its manufacturer. If you have a sticky dashboard on your hands, it pays to understand how it came about—not only to prevent it but also to extend the life of your dashboard.
Here are some common reasons why a dashboard would melt: Excessive heat and your car’s age. 


This article on how to fix a Lexus or Toyota car dashboard that keeps melting in Nigeria is not a permanent solution but will go a long way in making your car look better.

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