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“It’s Not Even December Yet”: Air Peace, Dana Air and Others Increase Domestic Flight Ticket to Over N100,000 for One Hour Flight

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Airline tickets have moved from N55,000 to N65,000 to N100,300 to N162,000 following the increased price of aviation fuel.

According to a report by Guardian Nigeria, airline operators in Nigeria had to adjust their prices by over 100%, blaming aviation fuel prices and the devaluing Naira, currently at the rate of N1,200/$.

Today, a travel ticket from Lagos to Abuja now costs between N100,300 to N162,000 for a one-way ticket, this was a ticket that used to cost between N55,000 to N65,000. Similarly, an economy ticket from Lagos to Enugu now costs N100,300.

According to reports, prices have also increased for travellers planning to fly from Lagos to Owerri this December with economy flights selling for N105,000 and business domestic flight for N190,600, and a return journey from Owerri to Lagos at N133,400.

Also, a one-way ticket from Lagos to Port Harcourt that used to be N60,000 now costs N105,000 and N133,400.

For airlines like Dana Air, passengers travelling from Lagos to Abuja in late December are asked to pay N200,000 for the economy and N250,000 for a business ticket.

Domestic flights are not the only ones affected as earlier reports note that Nigerians travelling to the US, UK and other European countries are asked to pay hefty amounts for flight tickets. For instance, a business class flight ticket to the US from Abuja on Ethiopian Airline sells for N15.6 million, while the economy class sells for N1.2 million.