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Let’s Clear This: Does Innoson Manufacture or Just Assemble Cars?

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Over time, there’s been an ongoing discussion on whether Innoson Motors manufactures cars or the Automobile company based in Nigeria only assembles cars. This has been a debate among many Nigerians who are not fully aware of the operations of the car company. For many, the speculations have been that Innoson only assembles cars. However, that’s far from the truth of what goes on within the Innoson Automobile Company.

Does Innoson Manufacture Cars?

Yes. Innoson manufactures cars. The proof that the company manufactures its cars is in its trademarked name Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM). As far back as 2020, reporters from Vanguard took a trip to Innoson’s manufacturing plant in Nnewi, Anambra State. There, they engaged the CEO, Chief Innocent Ifedaso Chukwuma in a conversation.

During the conversation, they asked him if the company truly manufactures vehicles. The CEO replied saying: 

“We manufacture. We build a 100 percent vehicle body here and over 60 percent of the products used in manufacturing the vehicle are gotten from Nigeria. We make all the carcasses of all our vehicles here. We only import some engines and electrical components but produce all the plastic parts here. We have produced many new vehicles according to the demands of our customers and what they need those vehicles for.”

According to this statement from the CEO in 2020, it appears that Innoson Motors manufactures its cars, and the only parts of the cars they import are the engines and electrical components of the vehicle. 

One might insist that if a part of Innoson vehicles are imported, especially parts like the engine, that therefore the company does not entirely produce its cars. It’s important to note in such an argument that Innoson Motors is not the only vehicle manufacturing company in the world that imports its engines from other companies. A very good example of this is the BMW and Rolls-Royce relationship. Rolls-Royce does not make their engines. However, their vehicles’ engines are all made by BMW. So, in that case, does it stop Rolls-Royce from claiming due ownership of such a vehicle? No. It’s still a Rolls-Royce, as are the vehicles Innson manufactures.

Why Innoson Motors Started Manufacturing Vehicles and Not Assembling 

Explaining further to the Vanguard reporters why Innoson Motors focuses on manufacturing, the CEO noted that vehicle companies in Nigeria that only assemble vehicles risk going out of business if something happens to the company they assemble their vehicles in Nigeria.

As such, he noted that he had to make extreme moves to shift Innoson away from being an assembling company into one that manufactures its cars. He stated: 

“I went and studied where we had problems and paid for professionals, expatriates who came here and trained my people. I brought them to Nigeria, about 60 of them, in the first year, we started this factory. Some of them finished under one year and left by the second year, I had about 42 and in the third year, I had about 15. Today, I have only eight.”

Over time, Innoson Motors has grown in popularity both within and outside Nigeria. While a good percentage of its vehicles are bought in Nigeria, the company also produces cars from the Sierra Leone government.

Top Innoson Vehicles to Buy in Nigeria

Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Company has produced and released more models of vehicles both SUVs, trucks, and sedans. These vehicles range in price and are available for sale in Nigeria. 

Here are some of the top-selling Innoson vehicles in Nigeria today:

  1. IVM Caris (₦4.5 million)

With an Engine Capacity of 2.0L, IVM Caris is one of our forays into future car designs. With a captivating sleeker design, it was produced to give you the all-encompassing comfort, sophistication, and experience you crave in a modern car. Imbibing our concept of regionalization in car manufacturing, IVM Caris embodies the beauty you want to explore in a car and the strength you need to sustain the experience.

  1. IVM G6 SUV (₦32 million)

Attractive, sporty, and fast can be used to describe IVM G6. Feel the aura of this work of perfection as you drive through the city and upcountry. IVM G6 has everything you desire out of a modern SUV. Enjoy and explore the beauty of IVM G6. The engine capacity is 2.4L Mitsubishi Petrol Engine

  1. IVM G6C Carrier Pick Up (₦17 million)

IVM G6C was forged in strength and comfort. This wonder is one of the latest additions to the IVM fleet of pickup trucks. It comes with enhanced features while maintaining your desired unique features in a modern pickup truck. IVM G6C was carefully designed and masterfully built for speed, strength, and comfort. The engine capacity is a 2.4L Mitsubishi Petrol Engine.

  1. Innoson G40 (₦20.5 million)

Sometimes, a little extra room can bring everyone together. The IVM G40 is for the go-getters, the adventure seekers, the individual who’s always in motion, and everyone else who finds meaning in the everyday drive.

  1. Innoson 6601 (₦21 million)

Ultra large side windows for the passengers and a large curved front windshield for the driver. The Innoson 6601 has been specially created for urban and intercity routes. It’s an ideal bus for metropolitan, short-distance, school, or company transportation. It maintains all the standards for quality, comfort, reliability, and safety that characterize the Innoson brand of Coaches.

  1. Innoson 6800 (₦32 million)

The entrance doors provide a fine balance between refined design and durability. The front entrance door design, with a lowered glass line, gives the driver optimal visibility. The dual button to open both entrance doors provides more driver’ comfort. To ensure maximum safety both entrance doors come equipped with an additional sensitive edge.

  1. Innoson 6857 (₦30 million)

The Innoson 6857 is a versatile high-end coach ideal for commuter and touring services. It stands out because of its features, design, aerodynamics, attention to detail, and comfort. The Innoson brand touch makes it unmistakable as a safe, reliable, and profitable coach. Driving is a special experience, and travelling in it is a true pleasure.

  1. Innoson Carrier 4×2 (₦10 million)

Innoson Carrier offers two engine options depending on whether you prefer a two-wheel or a four-wheel drive. The Innoson Carrier 2WD features the same 2.4 litre, four-cylinder engine as the Innoson G5. Innoson Carrier 4WD features a 2.7 litre, four-cylinder engine. Both engines are from Mitsubishi. The pickup truck comes with a 5-speed manual transmission system.

  1. Innoson UMU (₦8 million)

The Innoson Umu has a sedan, just like its hatchback variant, The Umu Sedan puts every African on the wheels, its corporate style is perfectly designed to fit multiple driving environments and the whole vehicle exemplifies a sense of business & power. With eagle-eye headlights, reinforced shock absorbers, and wing-like bumpers, The Innoson Umu will provide you with a smooth riding experience.