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Meet The New Lumma Design’s Land Rover Defender

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This is a modified Land Rover Defender. That much you can already guess. It has been modified by German tuner Lumma to become, in Lumma’s own words, a “muscle-bound off-road athlete”, which is certainly one way of describing it.

New Lumma Design’s Land Rover Defender

Named the Lumma Design CLR LD, there’s a lot to take in. We’ll start with the wheel arches, which widen the body by 40 millimetres, under which sit Lumma alloy wheels, available from 19” to 23” and wrapped in your choice of on- or off-road tyres.

Not everyone loves the design of the new Defender, some calling it a Honda Element or a Ford Flex…but see it in person and its massive size and presence will change your mind. And now Lumma Design has a crazy new body kit to spice things up. Some major changes include a 1.18in suspension lift and even 1.57in wider body. Upfront is a new hood, grille, bumper, and fenders all can be painted or had in exposed carbon.

New Lumma Design’s Land Rover Defender 1.jpg

The new Defender started with 2 powertrains: a P300 unit consisting of a Turbo 4 cylinder making 296HP and can do 0-60 in 7.7sec. The P400 powertrain is a Twinscroll Turbo AND electric driven 48v supercharger 3.0L mild hybrid straight 6 making 395HP and 406 lb-ft of torque doing 60MPH in 5.8sec. With are paired to a ZF 8 speed gearbox… But scratch all that, Lumma is going to fit the 5.0L Supercharged V8 under the hood with over 500HP.

Lumma Design also has added roof mounted spotlights, a new rear bumper, massive wheels ranging from 19-23in, different tire options ranging from a more performance compound or more off road worthy.

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