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Luxury Cars for Naija: 15 Unbelievable Things to Love About Toyota and Lexus Cars

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Toyota cars have been on top of the automobile industry for ages, especially in Nigeria, and they’re not slowing down any time soon. You’ve probably heard of popular models like the Camry and Corolla, right? Well, they’ve been breaking records everywhere, including in Nigeria. People love Toyota here because these cars are tough, reliable, and very fuel-efficient; they do not use too much fuel. 

On the other hand, the Lexus brand is the luxury arm of Toyota. It’s like the cherry on top of the Toyota cake. Lexus cars are just as reliable and long-lasting as their Toyota counterparts, but they come with a touch of luxury. In Nigeria, everyone’s raving about models like the RX and ES. These cars are all about fancy interiors, cool tech, and smooth rides. And guess what? They’re holding their value like pros in Nigeria’s car market.

In this article, we will look at 15 unbelievable things to love about Toyota and Lexus cars. 

1. Built for Excellence

One thing about the Toyota brand is that it is built for excellence. People usually look at how Toyota improves Lexus to see how well Toyota is doing. They focus on fixing issues, coming up with new ideas, and paying close attention to even the smallest things. This shows Toyota’s commitment to excellence. When making Lexus cars, many parts are made by hand, and the materials used, like steel and leather, are top-notch. They go through a careful process to put everything together.

2. Luxury 

Lexus makes the best luxury cars in the world, hands down. Just check out all the awards they’ve won for their top-notch quality. They were named the ‘Best Overall Luxury Brand’ and ‘Most Trusted Luxury Brand’ by Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards in 2017 and 2016. Plus, in 2017, the Lexus RX was named the ‘Best Luxury 2-Row SUV’ for the money by U.S. News & World Report. And let’s not forget, Edmunds’ ‘Most Wanted Awards’ went to Lexus for the RX 350 (luxury compact SUV) and the ES 350 (luxury midsize car). So, if you’re talking luxury cars, Lexus is definitely a top contender.

3. Fuel Economy

 Toyota cars are great at using less fuel, which means fewer emissions too. They’ve focused on making most of their models fuel-efficient, so you’ll spend less at the gas station and help the environment. And when it comes to Lexus, despite all the luxury they offer, they still manage to be fuel-efficient. In fact, Lexus hybrid cars have the best mileage among hybrids and are super fuel-efficient overall. So, if you care about saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, Toyota and Lexus are good choices.

4. Best Resale Value

Toyota is known for having the best resale value because their vehicles are made with top-notch quality and are affordable too. They’re comfortable, reliable, and offer a great driving experience. This quality makes them hold their value well over time. Similarly, Lexus is trusted for its dependability, making it a popular choice for used car buyers. Even if you can’t afford a new Lexus, you can still get a great deal on a used one without feeling like you’re missing out. Both Toyota and Lexus have some of the best resale values in the market, with Lexus winning KBB’s 2014 ‘Best Resale Value Award’ thanks to factors like residual value after 5 years and projected resale value. 

5. Innovative

Lexus proves itself as one of the top innovators in the world of cars, always bringing new technology to improve customers’ lives. Their products meet the highest standards and boast cutting-edge innovation and technology. Whether it’s the efficient engines or the flawless body paint process, Lexus showcases innovation and careful design. Despite the success of models like the Corolla and Camry, Toyota doesn’t slow down. They surprised the world with the Prius and kept innovating with every new model they released. Toyota has been leading the industry for decades in fuel efficiency, economy, and safety thanks to its constant innovations.

6. Best Reliability

Toyota is known for its exceptional reliability, with JD Power ranking Toyota vehicles at the top for reliability. This reliability is why many families stick with Toyota, often owning only Toyota vehicles in their garage, even when they can afford other brands.

7. Simplicity

While many car dashboards nowadays resemble the control panel of a high-tech aircraft, Toyota keeps it simple. That doesn’t mean they lack technological prowess though; Toyota vehicles often have excellent electronic safety and entertainment features, but they’re designed to be user-friendly. Take the Corolla, for example. Its interior design is minimalistic, with controls and extra features kept to a minimum. This makes the technology practical and easy to use for drivers.

8. Superior Comfort

Lexus goes above and beyond to provide the ultimate luxury car experience. They carefully consider every human element to achieve a perfect balance of form and function inside the cabin. Their goal is to maximize comfort and efficiency in every way possible. Luxurious seating, exquisite details, and advanced technology tools like climate control, navigation, and entertainment are the signature features of Lexus’ ergonomic design.

9. Durability

If that survey is accurate, it’s impressive: 80% of Toyota vehicles sold twenty years ago are still cruising the roads today. This suggests that buying a Toyota isn’t just about getting a car; it’s also about making a long-term investment that saves you money. Toyota provides customers with quality, durable vehicles that ensure safety on the road.

10. Easy Driving

Lexus cars are designed with great care to make sure everything feels just right for the driver. They think about where to put things, how big they should be, and how they should look and feel to make driving comfortable and efficient. It’s all thanks to their advanced engineering.

11. Environmentally Friendly

Toyota makes some of the most eco-friendly cars and is a leader in green technology. Models like the Prius plug-in and Avalon hybrid are recognized for their eco-friendly features. Toyota cares about making quality cars while also protecting the environment. Even Lexus cars are eco-friendly, and they’re made with the environment in mind.

12. Sharp Handling

Even though Toyota and Lexus cars are known for their excellent gas mileage, they still handle really well. They have tight, responsive steering and are compact in size. Plus, many Lexus hybrids are also a blast to drive, offering precise handling and fantastic suspension for a smooth ride.

13. More AWD/4WD vehicles

Toyota stands out with the most AWD and 4WD vehicles available, making it a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts. With their fun designs, Toyota vehicles are a top choice for those who love outdoor activities. These AWD and 4WD vehicles not only look great but also earn praise for their style, reliability, and functionality, making them perfect for adventurous fun-seekers.

14. Top Safety Pick

Both Toyota and Lexus place a high priority on safety in their cars and trucks, which has earned them top rankings in safety. Despite being affordable, Toyota doesn’t compromise on safety. They combine durability, reliability, affordability, and safety because safety is a crucial feature that car owners care about.

15. Quality 

Toyota and Lexus cars are known for being really good and having great quality. They’re made carefully and tested thoroughly to make sure they last a long time. Everything inside, like the engine and seats, is built to be strong. They also have advanced safety features to keep you safe. 


So, there you have it—15 reasons why Toyota and Lexus cars are great cars in Nigeria. From Toyota’s legendary reliability to Lexus’s unbeatable luxury, these cars have it all. Whether you’re looking for fuel efficiency, top-notch resale value, or great innovation, Toyota and Lexus deliver. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, safe, and built to last. With their unbeatable quality and performance, it’s no wonder they’re the top choice for Nigerian car lovers everywhere.

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