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Meet the most Expensive and Luxury Private Jet with a luxury restroom, Fancy toilet seatings Worth ₦‎77 billion

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If you want to fly in style, you should consider flying with this $110 million luxury private jet by Air Bus. Air Bus is an aerospace company known for pioneering sustainable aerospace travel.

The private jet comes with a well-equipped travel-size kitchen area where all the crew can prepare meals for the passengers on board.

‎77 billion naira Worth of Luxury Private Jet
‎77 billion naira Worth of Luxury Private Jet

The jet has a lot of space, a luxury restroom with fancy-looking toilet seatings, and a bathing area for passengers. The jet’s interior looks a lot like a modern-day loft, although the width is smaller than that of a loft. Its seatings are designed in a cushion-like manner for the most comfort.

There’s also a 32” television set that can gradually be reclined inside when not in use. On looking at the inside of the plane, you are immediately reminded that it’s designed with some of the best high-quality materials and tech features. Certainly, the interior reinforces the idea that the plane is designed specifically for passenger comfort.

There’s a bed area where passengers can take a nap while the plane is en route. This centre desk can also be folded and unfolded to become a bigger table for you and your friends to enjoy your meal on.

Since surfacing the internet, the video of this ₦‎77 billion private jet has caused a lot of stir as many people have dropped their opinion about the jet. 

Some of the interesting opinions from the comment section are;

“$110 mil but they don’t give you Bluetooth headphones 😂😂😂”

“Luxury private plane so you can pollute more than others 👌🏻👎🏻”

“$110 million and no balcony ?! 😁”

“All very beautiful, but there is no security for strong turbulence, think about !! 👊👊”

“Remember those who buy these type of luxurious plane don’t have time to show off they’re very busy people so sometimes they don’t have time to change when they have meetings on the same day in two or more than two different cities or different countries. So that’s why they buy or rent these plane so they can do stuff on their way and sometimes in plane they don’t even have time to do these things because they have to prepare for the meetings and presentations. You’ll never know how frustrating it is but looks like that this man got everything and enjoying every moment and this is a big lie🥲

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