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Need a car loan for Uber? Check out New vehicle financing for Bolt drivers

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On NOVEMBER 26, 2021, Bolt, an Estonian mobility company that offers vehicle for hire, micro-mobility, car-sharing, and food delivery services headquartered in Tallinn announced they will continue to build the best way to move and earn in Nigerian cities, we are constantly looking for ways to solve a significant challenge for drivers: access to vehicles at favourable rates.

That’s why we’re excited to announce an expansion to our vehicle financing program in partnership with Metro Africa Express (MAX) – the most significant vehicle subscription platform for low-to-zero emission vehicles in Africa.

Vehicle financing for Bolt drivers

This partnership is intended to create opportunities for even more drivers to own and earn more with their vehicles.

Here are the benefits:

  • You can purchase a brand-new or pre-owned car
  • The lowest upfront payment from as low as 5% of the car value
  • Instalments from as low as NGN 40,000 weekly and spread over 3 or 4 years
  • Monthly maintenance for the duration of the hire purchase agreement
  • Free comprehensive insurance
  • Perks also include Health insurance as part of the deal.

Initially, vehicle financing will only be available for drivers who have been active on the Bolt platform in Lagos and Abuja. However, we have plans to expand this to even more drivers in future.

If you’re interested, fill in this form and you’ll be on your way to getting your keys in as little as 24 hours.

If you’re not a Bolt driver yet but wish to become one, just fill in the form on our driver’s signup page.

Best Cars For Uber and Bolt Drivers

When choosing cars for a ride-hailing business like Uber and Bolt, aside from the brand of the vehicle, there are other things that intending owners also look out for. Some of the things they look out for in a vehicle are its affordability, reliability and efficiency. Below are some of the cars you can get in Nigeria that meet this criterion.

  • Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corollas are one of the most popular cars you’ll find many Uber and Bolt drivers using in Nigeria. In fact, a list of ride-hailing cars in Nigeria without a Toyota Corolla is incomplete. The interesting thing about Corollas is that they are affordable, reliable and a good run for your money.

Using a Toyota Corolla for your Uber or Bolt business is a smart choice as it’s easy to find spare parts for the car and you can get even the fairly used versions that seem like they’re brand new. 

  • Honda Accord
Honda Accord
Honda Accord

Honda Accords are prominent on Nigerian roads just like Toyota brands. They are affordable and very efficient for ride-hailing businesses. The majority of them give off the feel of luxury, making it an excellent choice to impress possible clients that’ll be using your ride.

You can either go for a brand new Honda Accord but, even the fairly used ones are still sturdy. For a fair price of 1-3 million naira, you can afford a Honda Accord for your business.

  • Toyota Camry

There are no cars that have become popular in Nigeria like Toyota Camrys. You will find them everywhere and it’s impossible to not get them at affordable rates. Apart from their fair prices, Camrys despite the model are still efficient and very much presentable for a ride-hailing business.

  • Kia Rio
2020 Kia Rio
2020 Kia Rio

Kia Rio is another good place to start if you are looking for a car to start a ride-hailing business. They might not be the perfect choice for tall people, but in performance, it has a 1.6-litre inline-4 with 110 horsepower and 107 pound-feet of torque.

  • Toyota Sienna
Toyota Sienna
Toyota Sienna

It might sound surprising to most people but Siennas are another good car to consider if you are starting a Bolt or Uber business. The interesting thing about this car brand apart from its decent price and efficiency is that they come very spacious and ride hailers appreciate cars with a lot of space.

  • Honda City
Honda City
Honda City

Another car you should consider is Honda City. Its petrol engine is sporty, the car offers comfort and enough cabin space. Some features of the Honda City are 100 horsepower and a 1.5-litre diesel. It’ll serve any Bolt or Uber driver pretty well as the car has good fuel economy.

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  1. Lucky Omovie Mark Reply

    I’m a bolt driver, I need a car on hire purchase, Corolla 2012

    • Udoma Sunnyjeff Reply

      Am a bolt registered driver, i need a hire purchase car(Toyota Camry)

  2. Ndubuisi Solomon Reply

    Am a Uber drive and I stay at Lagos state Nigeria.. I need Toyota Camry sports edition 2006, four plug for Uber on hire purchase

  3. Eddie Nnoli Reply

    Am a Bolt registered driver and I need a hire purchase car Toyota Camry 2006

  4. Bassey inyeneobong Godwin Reply

    Please am a driver I need a bolt car for hire purchase please I leave here in lagos


    Pls I need a car loan or high purchase I’m able to pay although before 2years..thanks 08038125419

  6. Emmanuel charles Reply

    Good day I am a verg good driver who has love for driving and converting what i love to make end means..but i dont have a car…

    PleSe i need a car for either uber or bolt to work with…u can contact me on 08137833906

  7. Akinboro Olaoluwa Joel Reply

    I am an Uber for years and now drives with a provision distributor company at oba akaran ikeja now I need a mini van like Toyota sienna of any from 2000 on stalment to stand on my own as a logistics person to the company.

  8. Elijah Ayodele Reply

    I’m an Uber driver. I need a car for an higher purchase, please. I’m honest and integrity conscious. No any business deal with me will bear any regret. Here is my line: 08137325978

  9. My name is Mercymerry a female from Lagos ikorodu I need a car for hire purchase kindly reach my number if any opportunity 09078151657

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