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“Nigerian customs collected almost 400m naira to clear it”: The Razz Guy buys 2023 Ferrari SF90 Worth 1.2billion naira

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The CEO of Polanco Exotic Cars, a luxury vehicle dealer in Nigeria known as The Razz Guy, recently revealed that he shipped a 2023 Ferrari SF90 to Lagos. According to him, clearing the car at the port cost almost N200 million in customs duties. The estimated value of the car is N1.2 billion naira, and upon taking delivery of the car, the exotic car dealer test-drove it around.

While some people were surprised by the high cost of the fast car, others debated the price spent on just a single vehicle.


I told y’all I sell the cheapest cars in Nigeria. 1.2billion but slightly negotiable 😂

♬ original sound – cochise

The 2023 Ferrari SF90 has no significant updates to Ferrari’s plug-in hybrid hypercar for the 2023 model year, With the SF90, power comes from a massively powerful V-8 and three electric motors. The 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V-8 generates a mighty 769 horsepower on its own, and the trio of electric motors provide an additional 217 horsepower.


  1. Just a question somebody with custom knowledge on how duties re paid should explain to me.because to be honest i doubt the 200million they used clearing the car.

    • Ekpang Bisong Reply

      200m is underpayment. He should pay 35%the value of the car plus 15% levy. So don’t be surprised to get a visit for customs soon.

  2. Custom duties are at 35 percent of the cost price of the car. So if he paid 200mil to clear, then the cost of the car from Yankee would have been 572mil Naira.
    So, yes Can can clear a car with even 500mil. It only depends on the declared value of purchase

  3. Going with your stated value of ₦1.2billion, the import duty on that car should be ₦425million.

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