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Ola Of Lagos Net worth, Cars, Biography, Age, Career, Education, Instagram, Endorsement

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Waris Olayinka Akinwande, popularly known as Ola of Lagos was born in Ogun State on 19 June but came to Lagos in his early 20s.

Ola of Lagos is one of the most talented and creative individuals Nigeria is blessed to have. He is a young man in his late 20s and has made a fortune for himself through his creative posts, videos and skits on Instagram concerning cars.

In this article, carmart.ng shines the spotlight on the incredible Ola of Lagos.

Ola Of Lagos Biography

Ola Of Lagos Biography
Ola Of Lagos Biography

He was raised as a Muslim together with his siblings. Growing up was quite a struggle for Ola of Lagos, hence he had to learn to hustle from a very young age.

For his education, Ola of Lagos completed his primary and secondary school education in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Ola Of Lagos AGE

Ola of Lagos is in his late 20s.

Ola Of Lagos Career

Ola Of Lagos Biography
Ola Of Lagos was a cleaner in an establishment

If you have heard the popular saying: from grass to grace, then the story of Ola of Lagos is a good example. Born and raised in Lagos State, Ola of Lagos started as a cleaner in the Lekki area of Lagos State. However, he somehow admires cars a lot. Working in a region like Lekki afforded him the luxury of seeing how the big guns of Nigeria showed off their wealth. 

Ola Of Lagos Instagram
Ola Of Lagos Instagram

If you are a Nigerian, then you must have heard that living and owning properties in Lekki, Lagos State shows that you have some cheddar in your account. Ola of Lagos worked in the Lekki area, and through this, he was always in contact with luxurious and exotic cars driven by the wealthy in Nigeria.

ola of Lagos post on mufasatundeednut
ola of Lagos post on mufasatundeednut

Being creative, Ola of Lagos immediately started posting pictures of these cars he came in contact with on his social media pages, particularly Instagram. He did this consistently till his number of followers continued to rise.

A favour would smile on him, he got noticed by the former Nollywood actor turned celebrity blogger, Tunde Ednut. Tunde Ednut started sharing some of his pictures and videos on his Instagram channel. 

Ola of Lagos’s opportune moment for the breakthrough came when Tunde Ednut decided to give back to his followers. Tunde Ednut announced that if his number of followers on Instagram grew to 2 million, he would give back that same amount of money to a lucky winner. Seeing the fierce competition in deciding on a winner, Tunde Ednut decided to choose the winner by a raffle draw. Fortunately, the raffle draw emerged with Ola of Lagos as the winner. 

Ola of Lagos won the huge prize of the sum of 2 million NGN. In another stroke of luck, the Omo Baba Olowo himself aka Davido was online that day and decided to add colour to the moment. He offered Ola of Lagos an all-expense-paid trip to the Dubai car fashion show.

Expressing his delights and Thanksgiving, Ola of Lagos shared a screenshot of the 2 million transfer on his Instagram page saying: , “That Homeless Cleaner Boy has won 2M and a Trip to Dubai… Sir Tundeednut and OBO, after God na You both…

Ever since then, Ola of Lagos has grown in leaps and bounds in his career as a social media influencer. He serves as a brand ambassador to various top car companies.

Ola Of Lagos Instagram


Ola of Lagos has a vibrant Instagram channel of 1.2m followers. His Instagram handle is littered with various posts and videos of luxurious and exotic car brands. He also uses his Instagram page to promote the brands of other car companies in Nigeria.

You can follow him on Instagram handle @_ola_of_lagos

Ola Of Lagos Net Worth

As an influencer, car enthusiast, and entrepreneur, Ola of Lagos has amassed significant wealth over the years. While his exact net worth is not publicly known, it is estimated to be around $200,000.

Ola of Lagos has built his brand through various ventures, including his social media presence, car reviews, and collaborations with top fashion brands and celebrities. He is also the CEO of OOL Autos, a luxury car dealership in Lagos, Nigeria, which deals in high-end vehicles and OOL Clothing.

Ola of Lagos Endorsements

There have been numerous endorsements for Ola of Lagos, a young and popular car spotter who has gained fame. Ola has gained many followers across media, with over 2.4 million followers on Instagram, 1.2 million followers on Facebook followers and 1.5 million followers on Tikot by the time of filling this report, with this so many followers Ola has already signed multi-million naira endorsement deals with top companies. Please find the list of these influencers below:

  • Pramajed Security LTD
  • Mecho Autotech Ltd
  • Goldenxchange.ltd(R.c 1698834)
  • HomeWin by SUJIMOTO
  • Giftback Africa
  • Mirinda Naija
  • Furex App

Ola of Lagos Cars

Ola of Lagos Cars
Ola of Lagos Cars

So, what are the three cars Ola of Lagos owns? Ola of Lagos owns includes a Lexus IS250, which he purchased in 2022 from Jb_Machines. He also owns a 2016 Mercedes-Benz C300 he purchased in 2023, and also a Mercedes ML350 worth N15 million that Damos Wellness gave him when he renewed his contract with them.

Ola of Lagos’s Birthday

Ola of Lagos celebrates his birthday every year on June 19.

How much is Ola of Lagos worth?


According to his charges per post on his Instagram page which range from $1,200 – $2000, statistics show he does get at least 5 paid posts weekly, we will rank Ola of Lagos worth from $20K – $50 dollars.

Waris Olayinka Akinwande
Waris Olayinka Akinwande
Ful NameWaris Olayinka Akinwande
Known as Ola of Lagos
OccupationSocial media-influenced, brand influencer,  car lover
Date of birth19 June
Net worth$200,000

What is Ola of Lagos doing for a living?

Ola of Lagos is a social media influencer and car spotter. He gained fame after Tunde Ednut started posting his videos on his official page.

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