Places To Get Cheap Airline Tickets For Your December Travel

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It’s no longer news that the insecurity in the country has heightened. Today, travelling by road in Nigeria, especially on a far journey, can be added to the list of one of the many ways to die faster. More and more Nigerians are avoiding travelling simply because of road insecurity.

Here's The Best Time To Book Your Plane Ticket Before Christmas, Flights Price In Nigeria
Here’s The Best Time To Book Your Plane Ticket Before Christmas, Flights Price In Nigeria

Well, most people are resorting to airplanes for travel. But with the depreciating Naira, even airplane travel is becoming a luxury. Still, it’s possible to find plane tickets that match your budget. Here are the best places to get cheap plane tickets for your December travel.


Travelwings is an airline agency that helps people get cheap and affordable airline tickets. They offer both tickets for local and international flights across Nigeria. If you plan to travel anywhere in Nigeria this December, now is the best time to book your travel tickets. You can book tickets now for November at a lesser price before the December surge arrives.

BCF Nigeria

If you are looking for where to find good local flight deals, consider checking out BCF Nigeria. The acronym stands for Book Cheap Flights. And just like they are named, you will find crazy flight deals you never knew. However, the trick is to book them now against December.

Travel Start

Travel Start is another agency that offers good flight deals on booking domestic and international travel tickets. Visit the agency’s website, search for your intended travel destination, and book the ticket before the surge increases in a few days.

Alternative Airlines

The interesting thing about Alternative Airlines is they offer a buy now, pay later policy. This means with them, you can book a flight ticket for December and gradually gather up the money to pay later. You also don’t need to worry about the payment method because they have 40 payment options for all their customers.

Fare Compare

Fare Compare is another agency where you can book your plane tickets at affordable rates. With their services, you can fish out the best ticket deals available. However, the challenge with Fare Compare is they only have offers for specific locations in Nigeria.


You don’t have to break the bank before you can afford your domestic travel plane ticket. These travel agencies make travelling affordable for you. But, to always get good deals, book your flight ahead of the December rush.

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