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Price of Marcopolo Bus In Nigeria: Reviews And Buying Guide

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The Marcopolo bus is one of those long, passenger luxury buses you would love to ride in especially for long road journeys. This bus brand is manufactured by Marcopolo S.A- a Brazilian bus and coach manufacturer founded on 6 August 1949 in the southern Brazilian city of Caxias do Sul, State of Rio Grande do Sul. Marcopolo represents one of the largest manufacturers of the popular BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) buses. BRT buses are used in various parts of Nigeria, especially in Lagos. brings you an extensive review, prices and buying guide for the Marcopolo bus.

Marcopolo Paradiso 1350

Marcopolo Paradiso 1350
Marcopolo Paradiso 1350

The Paradiso 1350 testifies to Marcopolo’s ability to produce passenger buses that fit middle and long-distance rides. It offers a superior level of comfort, safety and ergonomics for passengers. Competitive features of the Marcopolo Paradiso 1350 over other bus brands are; its wider space for luggage – a 1,350 cm side skirt and its largest volumetric capacity of more than 20.5 cubic meters. It also comes with a modern and futuristic interior design,  new seats, reading light sets and a toilet. 

Marcopolo Ideale

Marcopolo Ideale
Marcopolo Ideale

Outstanding features of the Marcopolo Ideale are its luxurious comfort and design (New Marcopolo DNA ), and ease of operation. It also features LED turn lights, a new front grille (Hive standard), injected lower bars in the front bumper and a fog light. According to Marcopolo, it is a bus designed for the intercity and chartering segments, and also regular lines of short and medium distances. The modern design of the Marcopolo Ideale is optimized to give better utilization of the internal space and provide higher structural rigidity and safety, which in turn lowers lower operating costs.

Marcopolo Torino Articulated Express 

Marcopolo Torino Articulated Express 
Marcopolo Torino Articulated Express 

The Tirino Articulated comes with a seating capacity for more than 130 passengers. With a total length of 20 to 23 meters, the Torino Articulated Express bus has been designed to suit the BRT system.

The model features modern design and technology favouring functionality, comfort and safety, with the redesigned multiplex system, dashboard with 3.5” colour LCD display and air conditioning system offered as an option. It also features new rear and front lights including daylight, which provides more security in urban transit. It also comes with wider internal width (2.55 m), with ample room for passengers to move around, in addition to more comfort and security for drivers.

The Torino Express has five priority seats for the elderly,  pregnant women and/or people with disabilities, an automatic lift, and dedicated space for wheelchair users. 

Marcopolo Torino Low Entry

Marcopolo Torino Low Entry
Marcopolo Torino Low Entry

The Torino Low Entry has a low cost of operation/maintenance and also provides comfort for passengers. It is equipped with air suspension and a low floor, providing easy access for all passengers without the need for a lift. Loading and unloading passengers are also faster, including passengers with reduced mobility and wheelchair users. For extra safety, it can also receive a fleet management system, internal Led lighting system, audiovisual equipment  (19-inch LCD monitors) and a backup siren.

It features seating capacity for up to 90 passengers (49 seated passengers and 41 standing passengers), in addition to priority seats for people with disabilities, seniors and/or pregnant women, one seat for an obese person and one securement wheelchair area. 

Marcopolo Torino Rear Engine

Just like the name implies, the Torino has its engine located at its rear. With this, there is a reduced level of engine noise inside the bus while driving. The Torino also has a low entry, which makes it easy for passengers, and even those on wheelchairs to enter easily without a lift. 

Marcopolo Scania

Marcopolo Scania
Marcopolo Scania

The Scania is used for BRT buses, especially by the Lagos State Government in Nigeria. This model is built with quality materials to provide noise insulation thereby giving passengers a first-class riding experience. Standard features of the Marcopolo Scania include; Full air suspension for exceptional comfort, Electronic Braking System (EBS), Traction Control (TC), Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM), Bodywork information in Instrument Cluster (ICL), Spare Wheel Carrier, Steering wheel in exclusive black leather with wood trim etc.

Price Of Marcopolo Buses

Paradiso 1350100,000,000-120,000,00080,000,000-95,000,00070,000,000-90,000,000
Marcopolo Ideale90,000,000-120,000,00075,000,000-80,000,00065,000,000-75,000,000
Marcopolo Articulated Express100,000,000-140,000,00090,000,000-110,000,00070,000,000-85,000,000
Marcopolo Low Entry70,000,000-90,000,00060,000,000-85,000,00050,000,000-55,000,000
Marcopolo Torino Rear Engine75,000,000-95,000,00065,000,000-85,000,00055,000,000-60,000,000
Marcopolo Scania80,000,000-95,000,00050,000,000-70,000,00045,000,000-65,000,000

Buying Guide For Marcopolo Bus

  1. Buy From Recognized Dealers

When you want to buy your Marcopolo bus, it’s best to buy from recognized car dealers or any dealer authorized by Mercedes Benz, so that you won’t buy faulty models. 

  1. Check Your Budget

The Marcopolo bus is a modern passenger bus with different features and models that determines the price. However, it is good value for money for anyone that can afford it.  Hence, depending on your budget, you can get it either brand new, foreign used or locally used. There are advanced and optional packages available, do well to go for that which fits your budget.

  1.  Features

Each of the models every year has certain features that are more advanced than the previous year. Hence, it is best to consider what you really like to have in your Marcopolo and choose the model year that offers it. You can also get optional features to make your car fit your taste. 

  1. Inspect The Vehicle

Before you ride out of the car dealer’s garage or even pay the bills, ensure you have thoroughly inspected the bus especially if you are buying a used model. Check the entry point to know if it’s low enough for easy entrance for passengers.

  1. Negotiate The Price

There is nothing wrong with negotiating the price of a vehicle you want to buy. Simply discuss with the dealer and reach a suitable agreed price.  


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