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“See As E Short In Lambo”: Fans Chase, Catch Up With Wizkid in His Green Lamborghini Urus on Express

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Nigerian singer Wizkid was driving his green Lamborghini on the expressway of Lagos when a group of young men saw him and decided to try to catch up with him. They were so happy when they finally found the singer, who was singing along to a song in his car. 

After seeing Wizkid driving on the expressway and catching up with him, a group of young men were very happy. In the video that was found online, the men were seen racing in a car to catch up with the Machala singer.

They finally got what they wanted, so they turned their camera on Wizkid, who seemed to be enjoying a song on his stereo.

Gossipmilltv Who posted the video with the below caption

Only 1 Big Wiz!!! Nigerian man and his Friend chased down Wizkid after spotting him driving His infamous Green Lamborghini urus in Lagos!!! Abeg Wizkid too fresh like Todays bread!!! Biggest Bird!!!

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