Suzuki Every Mini Bus Price In Nigeria, Korope For Business

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The Suzuki Every is a popular bus in Nigeria also referred to as Suzuki Mini Bus in Nigeria. The bus is a mini version of the Suzuki Carry. The Suzuki Carry is a KEI lineup that was first introduced in 1961. These Suzuki buses are imported into Nigeria through countries like Japan and other Asian countries. When brought into Nigeria, they have converted to left-hand drive vehicles.

When it comes to the prices of these buses, what determines it is the gear transmission. This bus’s manual version is more expensive than the automatic transmission. 

Back Story: Why Are There So Many Suzuki Every Bus In Nigeria?

Suzuki Mini Bus Price - Where To Buy in Nigeria
Suzuki Mini Bus Price

The Suzuki Every bus is one bus many Nigerians are now moving towards. The thing about this car is that it has provided a means of livelihood for many Nigerians. Considering the unemployment rate in the country, with these buses, many Nigerians can begin to earn a livelihood outside of a white-collar job. 

SUZUKI Every Wagon
SUZUKI Every Wagon

Many people use it as a means of transportation; it’s now the safer and more affordable transportation means for many Nigerians too. Also, the popularity of this bus has grown in Nigeria following the ban on Okada rides. Also, in some states, there are areas where Keke of Motorcycles is not allowed. The Suzuki buses are the middle ground where any driver can drive through any route. This has made it an all-time favourite of many Nigerian commercial drivers.

Prices Of Brand New Suzuki Every Mini Bus In Nigeria

Suzuki Every Mini Bus In Nigeria
Suzuki Every Mini Bus In Nigeria
Model Nigerian Prices
Suzuki Every 2WD Manual Transmission₦4,5000,000
Suzuki Every 2WD Manual Transmission₦5,3000,000
Suzuki Every 2WD Automatic Transmission₦4,900,000
Suzuki Every 2WD Automatic Transmission₦5,600,000

Price Of Tokunbo Used Suzuki Every Mini Bus In Nigeria

ModelNigerian Prices
Suzuki Every 2000₦650,000 – ₦900,000
Suzuki Every 2001₦650,000 – ₦950,000
Suzuki Every 2002₦700,000 – ₦1,000,000
Suzuki Every 2003₦700,000 – ₦1,000,000
Suzuki Every 2005₦850,000 – ₦1,000,000
Suzuki Every 2007₦900,000 – ₦1,000,000
Suzuki Every 2009920,000 – 1,100,000
Suzuki Every 2013₦1,400,000 – ₦1,700,000


2004 Suzuki Every interior
2004 Suzuki Every interior

The Suzuki buses in Nigeria are affordable for anyone looking for a bus to start a transportation business. Certainly, that’s why a majority of commercial drivers are moving towards it lately. However, before making any purchase, make sure you buy from the right source.

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