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The Different Ways To Buy a Tokunbo Car In 2023

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A new car purchase is no easy task. If you’re unsure of the best ways to acquire used automobiles, it might get a little difficult because there are so many different options available.

After all, there’s a lot to it (and it’s expensive too!). We’re here to assist you in determining which course of action will work best for you and in understanding all of your available alternatives.

Purchasing a Used Car

To get things started, it’s crucial to consider where you’ll be purchasing the car. In the end, this has a significant impact on the options you have. Each of them is a very real possibility. For many, the decision-making process simply boils down to personal preference and convenience. 

  • Individual Vendors

One of the most common ways to purchase a used car is private. Anyone can sell a car privately; all they need is an automobile to sell. They’ll probably still charge you less than a dealer, making it one of the simplest methods to obtain the best deal on a used automobile. If you can find a decent car at a fair price, everyone wins. The issue is that you run a higher risk. The trade-off is that. Here, the adage “buyer beware” is crucial. Always be meticulous.

You will have to pay in cash when you do this. You’ll have to pay everything up front, whether it’s your own or a bank’s. 

  • Dealers and Dealerships

A dealer is the second most typical place to purchase a used car. Since the dealer specialises in used automobile sales, this is one of the simplest ways to purchase one. You only need to choose a new car that you can afford, and you can make your payments however you like. You’ll likely also receive a warranty and a deal that is assured to be safer. This is due to the fact that your consumer rights are fully protected here, and you may rely on them in case something goes wrong (unless you are unable to establish liability).

You can choose whatever option you desire while buying in this manner. You have a choice between cash, a loan, financing, and part exchange! To aid with this, several merchants even provide online or delivery choices, although this simply increases the level of uncertainty. Purchase with care.

  • Auctions

The last option is auto auctions. These are genuinely random events. It’s always the same, whether it’s a car auction or not. It’s unlikely that you will be able to come up with a plan to pay. EFCC and the Nigerian Customs always carry out auctions every year as auction cars at relatively low prices. 

Cash is your best option in this case, though you also have online options if you don’t want to go in person. Remember the purpose of auto auctions as you go with this, and proceed with extreme caution.

How to finance a second-hand automobile

After deciding where you’ll buy your car, you need to choose which of the payment plans offered will work best for you. Everyone must deal with their unique circumstances, and you want to act in your own best interests.


Purchasing a used car through a financing plan is one of the first paths that many individuals choose. There are numerous types. The two most well-liked are:

HP or Hire Purchase

You pay a hefty monthly charge in this case, but when you’re done, you’re done, and the automobile is all yours. There isn’t a significant expense when you’re done, but you don’t own the automobile until then. When your rental period is up, you essentially own the vehicle and pay interest at that time. Although expensive, it offers advantages.

The Personal Contract 

Hire Company is a little unique. With this option, you essentially hire the automobile out, but just for a little monthly fee. That sounds fantastic, but you don’t actually own the automobile after you’re done. Instead, you can elect to purchase it for a balloon payment that is lower than the car’s market price. It might still be a big sum. 

Individual Loan

For many consumers looking to buy, a personal loan is frequently the next step after financing. It can be one of the finest ways to purchase a used car because it sort of straddles all available payment options. You are borrowing the funds to pay for your car, which is the whole point. You are the debtor, not the vehicle. You have full ownership of it and are free to sell it at any time. You’ll still make monthly payments, but most likely at a lower interest rate (if you borrow the right amount of money). 

Exchange of parts

The next phase in this process must involve some form of exchange because it may involve both utilising your own money and another technique. The main point of a part exchange is to exchange your old car for a discount on a new one. The remaining funds may come from whatever source you choose! Although it might not be the most economical option, it can be quite speedy and effective (here are the ins and outs).


Cash is the last and most typical method of purchasing a used car. There isn’t much to say about this. You must pay the car’s value, regardless of how you obtain it. You may be able to negotiate for a higher price because you are much more powerful than before, and once you’ve achieved your goal, nothing can stop you. The only risk is that if you paid cash and bought privately, a hidden problem might bite you. Even if it’s always possible, once you’ve made a monetary payment, it’s done. Although you have rights, it can be difficult to enforce them. 


Make sure everything is legal, and take good care of your car! After all, you are still purchasing the hazards associated with a used car, and you must deal with them if they become more serious.

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