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The only affordable Honda car with no stress: Reviewing the 2007 Honda Civic

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Honda is a popular brand among drivers in Nigeria. Yet, while the brand offers many benefits, it can also present challenges. Finding an affordable, stylish, and hassle-free Honda can be difficult sometimes.

However, there’s one model that ticks all the boxes: the 2007 Civic. Combining affordability with reliability, this Civic stands out as the ultimate stress-free Honda option. Join us as we delve into the features that make the 2007 Honda Civic a great choice. 

 An overview of the 2007 Honda Civic

The 2007 Honda Civic is a car that is available as a couple or as a sedan. It has three main trims: DX, LX, and EX. DX is basic, with power windows and adjustable seats. LX is popular and adds more features like air conditioning and a CD player. EX is top-of-the-line with alloy wheels and a moonroof. There are also special models: hybrid, GX (natural gas), and Si. Hybrid and Si are similar to EX but with some extra features. Si has sportier upgrades like a tuned suspension and special trim. GX is like LX, but it runs on natural gas. Some optional extras for EX, Hybrid, and Si include satellite radio and navigation.

 Engine and performance

The Civic DX, LX, and EX versions have a 1.8-liter engine with 140 horsepower. They come with either a five-speed manual or automatic transmission. The GX uses natural gas, has a smaller engine with 113 hp, and can only go 200 miles before needing fuel. The Civic Si has a powerful 2.0-litre engine with 197 hp and a special six-speed manual transmission. Regular Civics feel sporty to drive, with smooth handling and responsive brakes. They’re easy to control and feel comfortable. The Civic Hybrid is similar but slower. The GX is less sporty and better suited for city driving due to its limited fuel range. The Civic Si is a standout, offering great performance with nimble handling and strong acceleration, making you want to drive it just for fun. Honda has designed all Civic models to be enjoyable to drive, whether you’re cruising around town or hitting the open road. Each variant has its own unique characteristics, catering to different preferences and driving styles.

Fuel Efficiency 

The regular 1.8-liter engine in the Civic provides good fuel efficiency compared to other small cars, with EPA ratings of 30 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway. On the other hand, the 2007 Civic Hybrid uses a special gasoline/electric hybrid system to get even better gas mileage. Its 1.3-litre four-cylinder engine works together with Honda’s IMA technology and a continuously variable transmission to produce 110 hp and achieve impressive fuel economy ratings of 49 mpg in the city and 51 mpg on the highway.


The Civic has a unique dashboard layout. Honda put the analogue tachometer in the usual spot and added a digital speedometer and gas gauge near the windshield base. While some drivers find this setup distracting, others like how it makes checking speed fast. Apart from that, the Civic remains one of the top small cars for space and quality. Its controls are simple to use, and the materials used are of high quality, adding to its overall refinement.

Safety feature

All Honda Civics come with front seat-mounted side airbags, full-length side curtain airbags, and active front head restraints to keep passengers safe. They also have antilock brakes as standard equipment. The EX and Si models have four-wheel discs for braking, while the others have rear drums. Stability control is only standard on the Si sedan.

2007 Honda Civic Price

The 2007 Honda Civic has a starting price of 1.6 million naira in Nigeria.Conclusion The 2007 Honda Civic is a great pick for people who want a car that’s both flexible and reliable. It comes in different versions to suit different tastes. Plus, it’s fuel-efficient, has a comfy interior, and comes with great safety features. Whether you’re driving around town or going on a road trip, the Civic is definitely a great choice.