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The Story Of Tricycle popularly called Keke Maruwa In Nigeria

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According to an academic journal, the history of Keke as a means of transportation in Nigeria dates back to Mohammed Buba Marwa’s time as the military governor of Lagos State. He introduced tricycles as a commercial mode of transportation in the state.

The name Keke Marwa was derived from the commercial tricycle in Lagos. The word Keke is also from the Yoruba dialect of Lagos, which is the dominant language in the area. Although the popularity of the word Keke has been attributed to the implementation of the National Poverty Eradication Program, it is still not clear how it became a national symbol.

The name Keke NAPEP became popular in Nigeria due to the prevalence of water scarcity in the country. Despite the federal government’s efforts in addressing the issue, residents of Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, continue to experience this problem. This report aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the various factors that contribute to the scarcity of water in the state.

Keke Maruwa In Nigeria
Keke Maruwa In Nigeria

The Lagos-Ibadan railway was recently inaugurated following a year-long trial run. This report covers our reporter’s experience as he travelled from Ibadan to Lagos. During his journey, our reporter also learned how law enforcers foil bank robberies.

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