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Traditional Ruler Now Sleeps In Toyota Sienna Over Flood In Bayelsa

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One of the heightened issues in Nigeria that has drawn a lot of attention is the flood crisis. Continuous floods have ravaged many areas in the country due to the rainy season. In some areas, the rain falls heavier than in others. When it does, it comes with major consequences for the residents. Bayelsa state is one of those areas being affected by the ongoing flood.

Recently, it was reported that the flood has also affected the traditional ruler of Tungbo, a town in Bayelsa state. Now, the traditional ruler sleeps in his car.

The traditional ruler, a retired naval officer, disclosed this in an interview on Monday. In his words, “it reached the knee level and made the palace unhabitable. I have been sleeping in my Toyota Sienna for two weeks since the flood ravaged the palace.

“The car is the only safe place for me, the entire building is flooded, and there is no safer place for me to sleep. My family has relocated to Yengagoa. As the Captain on board (traditional ruler) of this vessel, I cannot abandon my subjects to seek an alternative abode outside the town.

By my training as a naval officer, I am not expected to abandon the crew I lead in my vessel. I am expected to be the last man standing,” he said.

The traditional ruler, Poubinafa added that he also suffered the 2012 floods as he could not leave his subjects and relocate and that the situation worsened in 2022.

He pleads to the National Emergency Management Agency and the Bayelsa Emergency Management Agency to assist flood victims in Tungbo town.

He also called on the Federal government to construct dams and dredge Rivers Niger and Benue to end perennial flooding in parts of the country.

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