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Which Medium SUVs Are Trending In 2021?

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Among all the categories of luxury vehicles, the midsize SUV is arguably one of the fastest-growing segments in the automotive market globally. Midsize SUVs benefit from modern style elements and family-friendly practicality. But how do find the newest medium SUVs on the market? Car buyers’ need for versatility and affordability at the same time has turned the tables for the midsize SUV market. 

The spurt in the sale of midsize SUVs probably began with the rise in popularity of the market favourite Nissan Qashqai, a fact that proved that customers still look for cars that meet their needs for robustness and compactness in the vehicle. Yes, it’s true that medium-sized SUVs existed even before Nissan Qashqai appeared on the horizon. 

Take the 1944 Willys Civilian Jeep and the Land Rover Series 1 for example. But, the fact is that none of them came even close to the Qashqai in terms of versatility and likeability. Many of them were smaller versions of the more magnanimous luxury vehicles, which appeared too sophisticated for a family car. 

Best Midsize SUVs for 2020 and Prices
Best Midsize SUV Cars to Buy for 2021 and Prices

The other vehicles such as the ones we mentioned were rather basic to have any fun with driving or simply sitting for a ride. When the first Qashqai entered the markets, it was like a dream for car lovers. It had the versatility of an SUV and the affordability (read running costs) of a simple hatchback. This was why it shot to popularity as soon as it got launched.

The Qashqai is not alone in the list of popular midsize SUVs today. Some of its rivals such as Toyota Cannery, Kia Sportage, or the Suzuki Vitara have made their own mark globally, giving the Qashqai a run for its money. So, the question we are forced to ask is what factors actually draw a buyer to SUVs over segments such as Sedans or premium hatchbacks. Here are some reasons we could think of:

Midsize SUVs inspire greater safety assurance in the consumer’s mind

Midsize SUVs are of bigger size compared to sedans. These factors make people in the SUV feel safer than in a sedan. which in turn makes the occupants feel safer. Besides, SUVs being taller, offer a better view of the traffic ahead, making traffic manoeuvring on the road a lot easier compared to a sedan or a hatchback. 

Apart from that, midsize SUVs come with greater safety features such as rear airbags. All this makes the midsize SUV ride a comfortable and safe experience for buyers. 

Greater cargo space in Midsize SUVs

As compared to Sedans and hatchbacks, midsize SUVs generally have more cargo room. This is one of the key factors that customers keep in mind when buying a car. Not just more cargo room but even greater flexibility in terms of cargo space is what makes midsize SUVs popular.

More features and functionality

Besides safety and cargo space, midsize SUVs score over sedans in terms of features. Midsize SUVs are packed with more features, functionality, and power compared to sedans. Whether it is engine power or manoeuvrability, midsize SUVs are more reliable than Sedans or hatchbacks. 

You can easily plan on an uphill terrain trip with your midsize SUV. Never with a hatchback or a sedan. Several advanced driver-assist features in midsize SUVs also make it a favourite, especially for long road trips.

Value for money

Eventually, for a buyer, it all boils down to value for money when choosing between an SUV and a sedan. You would be tempted to buy a Suzuki Vitara instead of a Volkswagen Vento if you consider the extra legroom and headroom you get in a Vitara for nearly the same price.

In recent times, carmakers appear to be in a frenzy to come out with the most feature-loaded midsize SUV they can. It appears the midsize SUV market has never been so competitive. You don’t need to not worry if a particular midsize SUV doesn’t fit your budget. Here, we present you a list of the top Midsize SUVs that will fit your pocket.

Peugeot 3008

The Peugeot 3008 is a remarkably cool midsize SUV to have, considering all the features it has. It is an incredibly capable all-rounder. Sophisticated and attractive on the outside, the SUV has an impressive sleek interior and a dashboard that is definitely more like a pilot’s cockpit. Peugeot’s impressive i-Cockpit instrument cluster has replaced the usual dials and also has a high-resolution screen. 

Skoda Karoq 

The Skoda Karoq is quite similar to the SEAT Ateca, and naturally, it has many qualities and features possessed by the Ateca. One area where Karoq beats the Ateca is the interior space versatility. The presence of VarioFlex seats that slide independently of each other gives Karoq the edge. Karoq also comes with a better suspension mechanism that results in better ride quality compared to the Ateca. This is an important feature especially when you are riding with your family. 

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen has made style-based changes to its Tiguan midsize SUV. And the result is that the visual appeal after that has only gone up, and the Tiguan now looks strikingly impressive. Similar to the Ateca, Tiguan comes with a wide range of engines and versions. You can choose the one you need based on the level of comfort and luxury you desire.

Ford C-MAX Titanium

Ford C-MAX Titanium is an eco-friendly midsize SUV. It combines commendable engine power and a good fuel economy (of up to 50 miles per gallon, more than the average small car and trucks) to give you a capable and affordable midsize SUV model you can think of buying.

These midsize SUV models we have listed are definitely worth a look if you have any plans to buy a car or change your existing one. We have compiled the list for you based on several considerations that include fuel economy, comfort, luxury element, value for money, and build quality. These cars also have the best customer service. So, start exploring.

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