Use These Tricks To Spend Less At The Mechanic Shop, Works 100%

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You need a good technician and mechanic to keep your car in good shape, which is difficult to locate in Nigeria. He could not always take good care of your car, though, if you don’t know how to maintain a healthy connection with him. In Nigeria, owning a car is essential, and if you live in a city with decent roads and minimal traffic, it can also be a lot of fun. Without getting caught in traffic or beginning your trip hours early, you may effortlessly drive around town and arrive at your destination on time.

However, whether you live in a busy, congested metropolis like Lagos, your automobile is inevitably going to face some sort of mechanical or technological breakdown at some point. As a result, you’ll probably need to go to a mechanic’s shop or have your car checked out and fixed in accordance with the problems found.

Therefore, it is crucial that we carefully manage our connection with technicians as they play a vital part in keeping our cars in good shape. We’ll look at a few pointers that can help us manage our mechanics as effectively as possible.

Be Ready To Spend More At first

This tactic consistently appears to be effective in fostering a strong bond with mechanics. We  understand that finding money these days is difficult, but if you want to invest your money in order to save money in the future, one option is to give your technician extra payment once the job is done. 

The next time you visit that workshop, why not add an extra ₦1,000 or ₦1,500 to the bill and see if you don’t receive the best services. Mechanics have a reputation for being tight-fisted and frequently appear to swindle their customers. However, if you occasionally overpay, your mechanic will naturally feel obliged to you and might not feel as comfortable taking advantage of you the following time you visit.

When negotiating workmanship fees, be somewhat flexible

Refrain from constantly attempting to negotiate the best prices when you visit the mechanic, especially if they are aware that you are capable of matching the prices. When the mechanic states his rate, some automobile owners would rather start a dispute and spend  a long time  haggling over the cost. Every time you come to the workshop, if you act in this manner consistently. There may be instances when you are legitimately strapped for cash and ask your mechanic for a favor; yet, because of your past behavior, you might not be helped.

We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t try to get a good deal, but try to change the subject occasionally. Because you attempted to save a few kobos, you might end up paying more money. A mechanic may choose not to inform you of a problem that, if treated promptly, could save you money. As an illustration, he might have noted that your engine needs an oil change and needed to be replaced and knew that it wouldn’t cost more than ₦6,000 to do so, but he would hold off telling you until you have fixed another part. Therefore, if you can lower the price,  do so responsibly and sensibly.

Loyalty is the best policy

The secret is loyalty. If you have found a mechanic you can rely on, one who has consistently diagnosed your car accurately and fixed every problem, you should use every effort to keep them satisfied. One way to do this is to show loyalty and stick with this mechanic.

Finding a technician who still maintains their integrity and meets this description might be challenging in today’s market. They may have years of expertise and be excellent at their jobs, but occasionally they are simply too dishonest and will use whatever methods necessary to defraud you. Others might be equally sincere but not as skilled in their field. Therefore, it’s crucial that you stick with a mechanic once you locate one that is trustworthy and skilled in what they do.

Referrals are another method to demonstrate your loyalty. Try to recommend your mechanic to your friends and family because you believe in him and are confident that anyone you send his way will do a quality job. This will demonstrate to him how much you value and trust him and his work. This will undoubtedly strengthen your bond with them.

How To Save More At Your Mechanic Shop 

Try to resist the impulse to have multiple mechanics work on a single vehicle. Even if they provide the same caliber of expert service, it is advisable to stick with one reliable mechanic rather than switching between several. If you stick with one person, that person is perfectly familiar with the history of your car and will be in a better position to provide prompt services in the least amount of time.

Your mechanic’s treatment of you will be determined by how you treat him or her. Think about the possibility that you drove your car to a different mechanic who made some repairs that your primary mechanic later discovered. This has a too-clear consequence; you risk losing your mechanic’s confidence, and the rest follows. While we do not advocate sticking with an incompetent mechanic, you should use extreme caution when dealing with them because they are capable of a wide range of bad deeds.


Your Mechanic should be like your best cat friend because he can make or break your car with its expenses to spend less or more at a time. Use these tips but be extra careful when tipping so it doesn’t become a habit and drain your pocket put. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Often Should I Have My Brakes Checked?

It is important to have your brakes checked often. Most folks have their brakes checked when they have their tires rotated. One of the mechanics at our service centre can check the thickness of your brake pads to ensure that they are running at peak conditions. Your brake pads are essential for maintaining stopping power, so be sure to have them checked every chance that you get.

What Happens When I Don’t Change My Oil?

Oil is the lubricant that keeps your vehicle running. If you choose not to change your oil then it will completely break down and leave a sludge in your vehicle’s engine. This will wear your engine over time and cause it to break down much sooner.

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