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VIO is planning to implement AI technology to manage traffic in Abuja

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The Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS) has announced plans to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) technology at some road intersections in Abuja to improve traffic flow.

In an interview with DRTS spokesperson Kalu Emetu, he explained that due to the growing traffic in the city centre, it has become necessary to integrate AI technology to assist their personnel in ensuring that motorists follow traffic rules and regulations.

However, the deployment has been delayed due to ongoing arrangements with their partners.

“Once our partners are done from their end and the project comes on stream, the new way of ensuring a seamless traffic flow in the FCT, especially in the city, will come to life.

“Traffic monitoring, which you know is one of our primary responsibilities, is one area we ensure that the city is clean and there is free movement. We have even gone as far as mounting all that is required and the recording is already on.

“So, what we need now is only very little time to perfect the whole process and then, we are good to go,” he said.

The spokesperson disclosed that individuals who violate traffic rules during the test run would be fined for their traffic offences.

The service will initially contact the offenders, informing them of when, where and how they violated the traffic rules.

The spokesperson stated that they have already mounted recording devices around the areas where the gadgets have been installed. They have been putting pressure on their Chinese partners, Huawei and Chit-Up, to complete their work so that the service can start soon.

Mr Emetu confidently stated that the project would eliminate the need for any interface between service personnel and motorists. The new technology will give motorists greater confidence than the traditional interface.

Moreover, officers in most parts or interjections in the city centre will not be seen everywhere. The machine will monitor all traffic activities, and any offender will be picked, recorded, and sent a message to their mobile phone for the necessary fine.

The spokesperson confirmed that this will be done in line with the recently launched e-booking and e-ticketing. When the fine is paid through any of the payment channels provided by the government, the person will be notified about where the money has been sent.

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