10 Common Reasons Why A Car Won’t Start

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Regardless of the type of car brand you own, there will come moments when your car just won’t start. You wonder what could be wrong with the car, and might even get frustrated, especially when you have urgent matters to attend to. There are various common reasons why a car won’t start, and has compiled those reasons for you.

Dead Batteries

Having a dead battery is the commonest reason a car won’t start. Car batteries are devices that transfer the needed electric current needed to power the engine of your car. It is able to convert chemical energy to electrical energy, which ignites your car engine. Hence, a dead battery will keep your car grounded. Before you start panicking about your car not starting, you might want to check the battery out. You will have to jump-start it or use a portable battery charger to get your car running.

Faulty Timing Belt

A faulty timing belt could cause serious engine damage that would stop your car from starting. The timing belt ensures the engine’s valves open and closes at the proper interval so that the valves and the pistons never touch. It is usually advised that the timing belt be changed every 60,000 miles or five years depending on your driving habits. A bad timing belt requires maintenance from time to time. If your timing belt is faulty, then you need to consult your auto mechanic.

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Battery Corrosion

Sometimes, it’s not necessary because your battery is weak or dead, which causes your car not to start. It could be a result of poor hygiene methods towards your car. Irregular cleaning of your battery could cause corrosion to begin to build up along the terminals. When this happens, it could affect the complete circuit connection and your car won’t start. Ensure to regularly clean your battery, especially the terminals to prevent corrosion.

Damaged Alternator

The alternator is an essential component of a car, which when faulty can stop it from starting. An alternator’s function in the car is to keep the battery charged and supply electricity to the vehicle’s internal computer for normal operations. The alternator is attached to the engine and is driven by the serpentine belt. When this belt is faulty, you are likely to receive a notification on your dashboard. When the alternator is faulty, it’s not able to keep the battery fully charged and consequently, your car won’t start.

The Starter Motor Is Faulty

The starter motor is an electrical component attached to the car’s battery, which sends the internal components in the engine into motion once the ignition switch has been activated. Simply put, the essence of the starter motor is to set your engine in motion. If the starter motor is faulty, your car won’t crank up at all. When you put your key in the ignition or press the start button, you will hear a click sound which likely indicates that the starter motor is at fault.

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The Fuel Filter Is Clogged

In the pathway of delivering fuel to the engine, the fuel filter is a vital component in the entire pathway. The fuel filter performs a protective function. It traps contaminants including dirt and other fine particles from entering and possibly damaging the engine. After a period of extended use, the fuel filter can become clogged due to dirt and can prevent the free flow of fuel to the engine for internal combustion. When this happens, your car can stop working. You will have to get the fuel filter cleaned up.

You Are Out Of Fuel/Gas

One of the often-overlooked reasons a car won’t start is because you ran out of fuel. Fuel is needed for internal combustion to propel your car. When you are running low on fuel, it’s usually indicated on your dashboard. Perhaps, you weren’t paying attention and your car has refused to start. In this case, the way to get your car moving is to inject fuel/gas into the car.

Failed Fuel Pump

Failed fuel pump is another common reason your car won’t start. The fuel pump is involved in transferring fuel from the fuel tank to the engine, with the right amount of pressure to accommodate the vehicle’s speed and performance. The fuel pump kicks in once the car engine is started. However, if the fuel pump is faulty, this means your car can’t get the necessary fuel it needs to be in motion.

Worn Out Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are an essential component in the ignition system of a car. When the spark plugs are faulty, your car won’t start or run well. Usually, before your spark plugs need a change, it could be after 100,000 miles. Your car failing to start is one of the potent symptoms that your spark plugs need a change.

Battery In The Key Fob Is Dead

Not all cars need a key to be put in the ignition system before they start. Modern cars often use remote keyless entry or start buttons to start your car. The start button receives a coded signal from the proximity key to ignite the engine of the car. If your vehicle doesn’t start, it could indicate that the battery in the key fob is dead. After replacing the battery, if the vehicle doesn’t start, then maybe the key fob itself is faulty. You will need to seek the services of a professional auto repairer to solve this issue.

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