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Why Police Patrol Vehicles Are Always Dirty, Scattered, Nigerian Police PRO Explains

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Earlier in the week, the Spokesperson for the Nigerian Police Force, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, tweeted some photographs of new operational vehicles and Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) that have been sent to commands and formations in preparation for the 2023 General.

Twitter user dat Afikpo boi @sparoswagg questioned the Nigerian Police Force Spokesperson why police working cars are constantly dusty and dispersed in response to the pictured tweet that was sent.

“Abeg wetin dey constantly skata the hilux wey dem dey provide una?”.

In response, Olumuyiwa Adejobi said that the condition of the vans was due to the number of hours that the vans spend on the road for patrol as well as the poor roads that they operate on.

Adejobi in response tweeted:

“See, police patrol vans work 24 hrs. When u park ur car in the evening, that’s when another team on night duty will take over the same vehicle for night patrol. Operational vehicles can’t be that neat like private vehicles. Anything operational looks rugged.

“So, the rigour these vehicles pass thru make them look rough and dirty. Many of them ply bad roads, etc. However, we always encourage DPOs and HODs to try and put them in good shape.”

But another user, flavius 07, pointed out that cars used by ride hailing services are always in good condition despite being on the road virtually everyday.

“Sir, i beg to differ, bolt and other cab hailing ride drive virtually everyday yet they still manage to keep their cars in good condition

Let just say the Nigeria Police Force lack a maintenence culture.”

In response, Adejobi said :

“It’s personal, not operational. There is what we call Ride Along in Police PR. You can ride along in a patrol van and see how it works. Police patrol van and Uber or Bolt not the same pls. Ma fi iku we oorun oo bro.”