6 Most Expensive Car Repairs You Could Ever Face

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Running a car is not a cheap endeavour, and it gets even more expensive if you have to pay for some of the most expensive auto repairs possible. Every step of the way, they cost you money, and not just for the obvious ones. Of course, there are expenses like road tax, fuel, insurance, purchase costs, tolls, parking, and pretty much any other money-related possibility. However, repairs may be worse than all of these expenses combined, especially if they rank high on the list of the most expensive repairs available.

Anyone who has had a car for a while could have already had the bad experience of having to make a few repairs himself. The wear-and-tear necessities like tires, bulbs, brakes and other perishable materials are present, but they are all included in the price. The fixes that will set you back thousands of naira should not be included in the deal. The most expensive auto repairs combined can reach the low thousands if you experience multiple problems at once. They take their work seriously.

As knowledgeable auto inspectors, you could have assumed that we have seen almost everything that could go wrong with a car—or, more frequently, how they are about to. We all need to know what the most expensive repairs are, how to detect a car without them, and how to keep them away for good if we want to stay safe because, due to our knowledge in the area, we see all of these problems sprouting up daily.

Let’s look at it.

Engine replacement: N270,000 – N1,500,000.

A car’s engine is usually always going to be the most expensive item to fix or replace because of how complicated they are and how much they are worth in the first place. They are the very thing that makes your car move in the first place, so it makes sense that they would cost the most to replace. A new one will typically cost you close to N40,000.

Fortunately, it’s extremely rare for an engine to simply need to be replaced as a whole. Usually, it’s because other, more readily accessible parts have failed; as a result, these just need to be replaced. though only the majority of the time. Be careful with what you buy and how you drive because it’s still very likely that a car will need a new engine. Take charge of maintaining your engine.

Fuel Injection: N20,000 – N36,000

Another engineering marvel found in automobiles is fuel injection. These beautifully crafted systems, which serve as the carburettor’s replacement, increase the efficiency of modern vehicles by generating a cleaner and more effective burn in the cylinders. They experience a lot of stress as a result, and if you don’t take care of them and give them the attention they require, they may wind up costing you thousands of naira.

Again, if you purchase a dependable vehicle for yourself and maintain it even minimally, these shouldn’t need to be replaced at all. However, this does not imply that purchasing a vehicle from a third party will provide the same level of security. Keep an eye on these little miracles; they need to be performing at their best.

Gearbox: N100,000 – N350,000

 The gearbox in your car is another of the essentials of driving, which is why it’s also one of the most expensive auto repairs or replacements your car can require. It will always take a lot of labour to get a new one, and a lot of work to do the repairs because of how intricate its design and functionality are. After all, they are not seated in front of you.

Even though this could seem like a problem with cars that only manual drivers would have, it doesn’t. Although automatic cars still have their gearboxes, they are used automatically instead (who’d have guessed it?). Because you have less control over the car, you might not even notice the little issues that are there. Do not hesitate to have your gearbox inspected if you have any reason to suspect something is wrong. If a replacement also requires a tow, a repair can be both quicker and more affordable.

Clutch Damage: N60,000 – N120,000

 Since you require the gearbox to be able to change, the clutch in your car works hand in hand with the gearbox. Because of this, the clutch is often something that should last a lifetime, but as always, there are many terrible driving habits people have that may cause the clutch to wear much more quickly than it should, leaving you with yet another extremely high auto repair bill. That often costs roughly N60,000 or if the car is older, it may be a write-off.

The most crucial aspect of clutch awareness while driving is to avoid overusing it for no apparent reason. Avoid riding the clutch, sitting too far back to utilise it properly, and slipping the clutch. Watch out for warning indications like creaks, and even worse, keep a watch on that point that might bite. Although every car is different, if it is extremely high, it might be a serious red flag.

Timing chains and belts: N15,000 – N46,000

Timing belts and chains are the last mechanical topics we’ll discuss before we wrap up. Although they’re one of the more frequent and expensive problems that, ideally, should only arise once throughout the lifetime of every car, depending on the type, they can still be among the most expensive auto repairs.

Fortunately, fitting this part isn’t too difficult, so labour expenses won’t be as expensive as they have been for other parts on the list. Because it keeps your engine timing so precise for so many kilometres, the rubber cambelt (or chain) is nonetheless quite sensitive to wear and tear. Get it changed if something starts to go wrong since otherwise, your automobile will just stop working until you do. It is that simple. Read your warnings, pay attention to the sounds of your engine, and have it examined at least every 50k miles.

Repainting: N200,000 – N500,000 

 The very last item we’ll examine is something that has to be covered because of how expensive the repair was overall: a paint respray, which entails astronomical charges. If any paintwork has a problem that needs to be fixed for any reason, even though it’s usually not essential to the function of the automobile, the cost can range from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. You got it correctly. It is that much, so keep that in mind as you consider a vehicle’s value as well.

Since these expenses can be so large, it comes down to insurance claims for the most part, even though it is usually always a completely optional repair to demonstrate that the cause of the damage has not led to any structural difficulties with the car. Many people find it strange, but if that is the case, it may even be a write-off.


These are the most costly auto repairs and worst-case scenarios you could encounter when estimating auto prices. The majority of them only impact cars that are clocking up the miles or the years, and they are all incredibly sensitive and specialised items to purchase and repair.

However, this does not imply that anything newer is safe, as this is never the case when purchasing a vehicle. However, obtaining a vehicle inspection is still one of the best and most effective ways to safeguard yourself and your cash when purchasing a used automobile that may have any number of these issues or more hidden from view, or waiting to happen a few months down the line.

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